Intergenerational Women’s Leaders Meeting Part 3


I want to continue this series based on the meeting LifeWay Women hosted recently here in Nashville. We had a dialogue between various ages of women’s leaders at the table to 3 days to discuss current topics and issues we are facing with women in the church.  If you missed earlier posts, please read (part 1 and part 2) first.

Here are more takeaways from the topic of mentoring:

  1. We must equip women/girls of all ages that as long as you are older than someone behind you (which is always the case!), serve them, share your stories, encourage them to grow in Christ.
  2. In some churches, natural spontaneous mentoring is happening. In others, highly structured mentoring is working (many are using Woman to Woman Mentoring). Pray and ask God what will connect your women in this way.
  3. In young women’s small groups, encourage older women to join from time to time. Have young women ask them questions about life and their own spiritual journey.
  4. Encourage older women to also realize that not only will you teach younger women, but younger women will teach you as well (for instance – what about technology?).
  5. Mentoring and discipleship are not exactly the same thing, but discipleship is more of an umbrella and mentoring falls under that. Mentoring is not just spiritual insights but also practical life skills as well.

How are you helping women connect generationally through mentoring?

Watch for future posts based on take aways from our meeting.

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