Free Friday: Bible Study Insider

We told you last month about a new subscription-based program from LifeWay called Bible Study Insider.

As a quick summary, when you subscribe to the program, you’ll get a box twice a year with 13-15 member books from LifeWay’s latest small group Bible studies.


If you didn’t get a chance to read the post, we’d encourage you to go back and learn all about it!  It’s an especially helpful tool if you lead any small groups.

With that being said, we’re giving away five of these boxes on the blog today (valued at $50)!

Bible Study Insider Box

Enter to win by leaving a comment with your name. And, just for fun, tell us a little bit about your small group (How many are in the group? What study are you currently doing? Where does your group meet?)

By entering today’s giveaway, you affirm and acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Friday (3/5/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.

Update: Congratulations to Jaime R., Christine, Judy C., Wanda J., and Isabel for winning this giveaway!


  1. Carolyn says

    Bible studies are so very important in my Christian life. They keep me in the Word and keep my mind active. I’m always looking foward to a new study, a new learning and enriching experience!

    • Kari Carter says

      I so agree. I love to do Christian workbooks or Bible studies, because it gets me in the word and holds me accountable when I am doing it with other people. If I was doing it on my own, I would more than likely not finish it, due to my busy life. When I have homework to do that I know I will be discussing with others the following week, I am more likely to do it. And that way, I grow closer to God and to his people.

  2. says

    I have several small groups with whom I study: my Sunday School class (12 members) is beginning The Gospel Project this week – I can’t wait! My BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) group (15 members) is studying Genesis this year. My mid-week women’s Bible Study group (members vary 10-25) just finished Malachi. My blog/online group (50 members) is studying James. I’d love to win some new material to share! Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Kristin says

    Hi! I meet on Friday mornings with a group of young women like myself. We meet at 630am at a Starbucks to study Isaiah before we head off to work. :)

  4. Sherrie says


    I facilitate a group of women who meet on Thursday evenings. We have 8-10 women, young moms to grandmas. We meet in the home of one of the group members. We just finished Priscilla Schirer’s study, One In A Million. We are a neighborhood group, not affiliated with any specific church, so I would love to have one of your free boxes! Thanks for the opportunity and God bless!

  5. says

    We are a group of missionary wives/Moms whose families are all completing our missionary training before moving to foreign countries throughout the world. We meet on Friday afternoons to study God’s Word together. We are currently studying “Choosing Gratitude” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I would love to win this boxed set because it would give us the option to have several smaller groups studying different material at the same time!

  6. Debi says

    Just was reading the Lord’s words to Joshua this morning. Meditating on and doing the Word of the Lord is vital for success. So, studying the Word together with others helps us help each other to succeed–keep our feet moving forward in our walks with Jesus.

  7. Michelle Hill says

    I am in a small group of eight women and we meet every Tuesday night and we alternate homes each week. I would LOVE to win this for our group. We are currently studying the story of Hannah.

  8. kelly orcutt says

    I meet with group of 4 women in my home once a week for a study. we are currentlydoing Brave by Angela Thomas.

  9. Laura says

    i am with a wonderful group of 7 ladies who get together for coffee and Christ on Wednesday mornings! We are from a small town, and cherish our time spent together. We are currently doing Beth Moore’s Daniel study! It is AWESOME!

  10. Lisa Wight says

    Our church is very small (30 members), but we have a Ladies Bible Study Group that meets Tuesday mornings and Tuesday nights at the church. We used to meet at the parsonage, but God has grown our little group so that we can no longer fit in the parsonage living room! Praise God! We have about 10 ladies in the morning, and 6 in the evening. Both the AM group and the PM work on the same study, at the same pace, so if you can’t make your “normal” group, you can always go to the other. Right now, we are doing Elizabeth George’s “The Remarkable Women of the Bible.”

  11. says

    I teach an adult women’s Sunday school class. We average around 10 in attendance and are a very close knit group. We are currently going through Beth Moore’s study on David – “Seeking a heart like His.” Thanks

  12. Doreen says

    We are a group of 5 women who are currently reading through of book of James. We meet every week in our homes, changing every week. And we have great food :-)

  13. Jane says

    I meet with a group of women at a local church on Wednesday mornings. We most recently finished David:Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore. We are now studying Idol Lies by Dee Brestin.

  14. Annette says

    What a gift this would be!! I am currently participating in a study by Kelly Minter, Nehemiah. We are meeting at a friend’s house which lends itself so well to this study. I have such desire to go even deeper into this relationship with God. Praying for all the members attending!!

  15. Lynise Parisien says

    My small group meets on Sunday afternoons after church. We are study Romans 12 right now. There are 10 of us right now and we meet in one of the ladies house. Our small group of ladies has a total of 18 members and some are able to participate at different times of the year. We call ourselves the “GIG Girls.” (God Is Good) The group has been active for 4 years.

  16. Pilvi says

    Bible study is so important… I have really missed a good english Bible study since I moved back to Scandinavia last year. My longing was answered and I found a nice small ladies Bible study in our area. Would love to introduce some of your material and this kit to scandinavian ladies !

  17. Megan M. says

    My small group is currently *very* small – just 3 of us! We were all members of another group, but had schedule conflicts with a new meeting time, so we decided to branch off and multiply. We aren’t doing a structured study right now, but recently finished reading C.S. Lewis as a group.

  18. amber hill says

    I am a single mother. A new Christian also. I meet with my ladies group at our church. There are about 10 of us. We are finishing up Duty or Delight. I’m praying I win seeing I never do. God Bless.

  19. Karen Todd says

    Our bible study is doing beth moore’s here and now there and then. There are 12 in our group however we would love more. Please pick me to win.

  20. Mandy Hazel says

    Our Sunday morning women’s group is currently doing “Breaking Free” We normally have about 8-10 women each week. We are planning to do “Why do you believe that” next! Also our church is working on “Follow me” on Wednesday nights, we had about 25 this week!

  21. Renee Stroud says

    The ladies at my church are a little more than halfway through Beth Moore’s “A Women’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place.”

  22. says

    I meet with my group of parents on Wednesday nights at my church while our kids have programming. Right now we’re doing the Adam Hamilton study The Way. The kids are doing it too! There are about 15 of us in our group.

  23. Tiffany Losco says

    I am co leading a group called Door of hope, it is a support group with a curriculum for women that have been sexually abused. I took it two years ago, and it was amazing, very healing and you learn so much about yourself, how you were raised, and why things happened to you. We meet at our church, and there is five women in our group. Last night we told our stories, and these ladies are so brave and courageous. They have been through so much trauma, and I can see God touching their lives. When statistics are 1 our of every three women are sexually abused in their lifetime, we really need groups like this. Sometimes it is such a hush hush topic. But people really do not realize how traumatizing sexual abuse is at any age. It literally changes you. It can give you anxiety, and all kinds of different symptoms. I would love to win one of your boxes, but if not that’s ok. I really just wanted to brag on my small group. I’ve already seen such a change in all the ladies. They were so afraid at first, and now they are just letting go, opening up, and experiencing God’s healing and love. It is so amazing.
    To all the small group leaders out there, thank you so much for doing what you do. You all have a very important role in these womens lives. No matter how small you might feel your group is, it is changing lives. I am so thankful for all the groups I have attended over the last two years. This is my first time ever co leading a group, and I really didn’t know what to expect, I was also very nervous. But it is going awesome. God is so amazing and gives us all just what we need to help these ladies. So I just wanted to give a shout out of encouragement to all you beautiful ladies of God. :)

  24. says

    I’d LOVE to win this! We are currently doing Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter. Great study and the whole group is loving it! I’m also the Women’s Ministry director at our church and a speaker, so I’d LOVE the opportunity to get my hands on some of these books to know what to recommend to others as well.

  25. says

    Our small group is currently doing the By The Hem of His Garment study. I’m blessed to have some of my small group involved with my ministry as well – the Daily Video Bible project. Makes for powerful community!

  26. Laura says

    I am teaching the Gospel Project in Sunday school to a group of about 10. Will be doing a small group study soon with 5-7 college girls. Exciting times. Currently, I am doing Jen Hatmaker’s “7” in a group of one. :)

  27. Stephanie Redden says

    I have several groups I study with. I have one on Wednesday’s at church, one out of my home every evening and we are doing Romans in that one. It is so important to do bible studies to help you grow in your walk with God.

  28. says

    I lead a small group of residents’ {doctors} wives! Right now we are going through Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson and we meet once a week! It has been a GREAT connection point for me as we moved to a new town and started residency!

  29. Carla R. says

    Hi, Just started a new small group on Thursdays at 5pm. There are 4 of us and we have started Beth Moores believing God video study. We meet in my home :)

  30. Carolyn Mackenzie says

    I have done a few of your studies and enjoy them immensely. I always feel like you’re speaking directly to me even though the room is full of women. I would be absolutely thrilled to share this with all these great ladies. We all need new “Life” breathed into us now and then. You are fabulous in person and your studies energize me….love your passion.

  31. says

    We have a couples group doing The Gospel Project. Right now we are at just 2 couples, but we are really praying to God to help us grow our little group. I was previously in a ladies group that completed The Purpose Driven Life and I really enjoyed it.

  32. Lindsey says

    What a wonderful gift! I’m Lindsey and we just started Ephesians in our CBS Bible study. We had about 50 people there this morning, praise God!

  33. Lori says

    I am currently having Bible study with my 10 year old daughter. I want to share with her the love and joy of God’s Word. Our small group at church contains around 20 members, male and female. But my favorite group to study with is a group of 10 women in our community. We are from different churches, we just all have a passion for Jesus.

  34. Linda Rubenack says

    We are currently studying “Stuck” by Jennie Allen. I’m so loving my church’s small group. We will be ending soon and ready for a new study.

  35. Lauren says

    We have a small group of 8-10 (a couple just moved away 2 weeks ago). We just completed a study on 1&2 Peter. We just went on a Marriage Retreat with another couple in our group & we want to take the book (Intimate Encounters by Dr Ferguson) we got there & finish this “term” with that book. Great for all relationships-not just marriage.

  36. Terrie says

    Our ladies are currently doing Covenant by Kay Arthur. Oh my goodness so important! We are loving digging into the Word.

  37. JoAnn Hatton says

    There are 16 ladies in our group and they very much enjoy spending time together and in God’s Word! Thanks for the chance to win this.

  38. Jenn P says

    i am currently leading a group of 16 women and we are studying Beth Moore’s “Mercy Triumphs – James”.

  39. Debbie Brewer says

    My husband and I have a prison ministry, Revival In Prison Ministry, and use Bible study materials during our services for devotions and sermons. We also look for studies that we can use for small group Bible studies with the offenders. God is opening more and more doors for the ministry in our local prisons. We are excited to see how God will open doors for small group Bible studies.

  40. Ashley Bradberry says

    I am currently in a small group of 5 women, each of us wives to seminary students. We meet bi-weekly at one another’s homes and are studying Twelve Extraordinary Women by Dr. John MacAruthur.

  41. says

    My name is Julie Peters and I have a group of 12 women who meets weekly to study God’s Word. We are currently doing the Beth Moore study, “Living Beyond Yourself” and loving it!

  42. Kathy Rhodes says

    We have a small women’s bible study group that meets on Thursday evenings. We have done several Beth Moore studies and are currently doing “One In A Million” by Priscilla Shirer. We are bible study “junkies”. We love to them and as soon as we finish one, we are looking for another one to do.

  43. Michelle Elliott says

    Our church is a church that meets at a local middle school! Praise God we are able to meet there so our offerings go right back to the community. We have small groups that meet every other week this would be a great tool for us as well. Ladies Bible studies could take off as well. This would be a welcomed addition to our church!

  44. Alison Gillaspie says

    As a minister’s wife and a woman who is passionate about reaching people in her neighborhood, I would love to win this giveaway so I can use the resources to start a small group study in both my neighborhood as well as my child’s school!

  45. Katie says

    Last summer I led a bible study for the first time, and I dare say I was blessed more than any of the participants because I learned so much from them and our corporate study of the word.

    This spring, two other friends and I are meeting monthly to discuss chapters from Unglued, and I plan to do another small group study this summer.

    During the year I am part of a Bible Study Fellowship group. This year we’re studying Genesis. Who knew there was so much good stuff in the very first book of the Bible?!

  46. Mary Ann says

    While I am not in a group, I do my Bible studies online. However, I’m entering because I do know a group that meets faithfully on Monday nights and most cannot afford books like this for studies. So, I’d like to enter for them. The church is a small church and it does a TON of community outreach but they are still small. So, I’d really like to see them put these good books to great use!

  47. Theresa White says

    I meet every Thursday with a group of women of all ages. We just finished Priscilla Shirer’s study of Jonah and were truly blessed by it. Would love to win this to be able to keep up with more of the studies Lifeway has available.

  48. says

    My co-ed small group is a discussion led topically by our group leader. For a women’s study, I’m currently not in one. We girlfriends look for one and run it past the others who are wanting to participate. Our last one was Galatians by John MacArthur. This would be a really great set to win. I have to say my favorite all-time study was ‘The Patriarchs’ by Beth Moore. We were s a group of 16 that met every Friday morning at 6:30. That’s commitment! It was awesome.

  49. Lisa Crawford says

    Currently we are just finishing up Beth Moore’s Breaking Free Bible Study. This was actually my first Bible study ever with the wonderful women at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Papillion, Nebraska. There were about 10 of us, which allowed for very intimate conversations, discussions and tears. We are now trying to determine what our next study should be, so any and all suggestions/recommendations would be helpful. I am going to suggest to our group Sunday possibly Malachi by Lisa Harper, though so far I have read mixed reviews. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to look at the bondage that holds me back in “Breaking Free.” If you have not yet done so, I encourage every woman to complete that study. It is a life changer.

  50. Diana M says

    Our small group is in Tucson, AZ. We have between 10-15 ladies meeting every Monday night. We just finished “Why Do You Believe That?” By Mary Jo Sharp. It was a wonderful study. It reignited my interest in study. We are getting ready to start Nehemiah by Kelly Minter. Should be great.

  51. lisa gillies says

    i attend at mom to mom bible study, currently doing love and respect, we have lots mom that come out as they provide free babysitting so that we can grow to know and learn about God…

  52. Dawn G says

    I am currently facilitating a small group in the Beth Moore, “Revelation” study. We are just learning so much and I see the Holy Spirit working every week in the small group.

  53. Janey Wilburn says

    We are starting a new women’s ministry at our church on March 9. Our first teaching is on ministry work. We meet at our church, Grace Baptist. Expecting 15-20 ladies.

  54. Marce Gouldin says

    I meet with a great group of ladies on Wednesdays. We are working through a study by Kay Arthur right now.

  55. Michelle Houchlei says

    Our group of women (4-5) usually do two or three studies a year. Our last one was Beth Moore’s study on Daniel. This would be a great win!

  56. Joan K Murphy says

    There are 10 woman right now in our bible study. We are doing JAMES, Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. We are a small church but try to keep up on bible studies and life groups.

  57. says

    Our Ladies Group at Milton Baptist Church hosts about 20 women weekly at the church. Our new study begins next week; Real Women, Real Faith by Sherry Harney.

  58. Shelley Ginn says

    Wow! What a wonderful, powerful message of empowering people to indulge their habit of group Bible Study. I know I would not be the same person without my group of ladies. We just finished with Beth Moore’s “These are the Words” (or Deutronomy to those who have not done this study yet) and started Beth’s, “Jesus the One and Only”. As a year-round group, we are always looking for something that is fresh for the whole group, which is rare! This would be a unique opportunity to do just that. Thank you again for this amazing chance.

  59. Jean Knight says

    We are a group of senior ladies that meet on Thursday morning in our church library. We have done all of Beth Moore studies plus many more. We are at a break between studies right now looking for something new to start. There is also a group of young ladies that are meeting on Tuesday mornings. I feel lost when I am not doing a study. As a facilitator, I feel I get more than anyone from the studies.

  60. Alyson Core says

    I am an Army wife, and since many of my friends move away on a regular basis we have started trying to coordinate a long distance Bible study so we can all enjoy the Word of God and enjoy our friendships. This would be a wonderful blessing for us to start our journey with!!!

  61. Valerie says

    My small group has about 8 women and we are currently doing Beth Moore’s James Study. I’m a Bible Study nerd!’

  62. Jeannine Wight says

    Our group has met for over 12 years, on Monday nights. Right now we are running about 10-15 women (though that varies with each study), and we are studying Kay Arthur’s Precept course on Philippians! We have completed most of the Beth Moore courses, and several others from Lifeway. Our group consists of ladies from all ages and often from other churches. We LOVE God’s Word and our passion is to keep growing, keep stretching, keep learning, keep applying, and bear fruit for eternity!

  63. Bruny Medina says

    We are doing “James” by beth Moore. I’m doing this study with our Sunday School Class every week. As we have been doing these studies….. I find that people are more enthusiastic about God’s Word. It is less traditional than typical bible studies, but its more current to what people are facing now a days. I find even people outside the church are wiling to come in and study the word.

  64. Dorothy Jennings says

    Our small group is currently doing Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself study. This is actually my SECOND time doing this study and I am learning NEW stuff that I didn’t learn the first time! Our group meets in the home of one of our very dear church ladies who is mostly home bound. She opened her home for our women’s group study so that she would be able to participate! We have an average of 15 women attending the study each week.

  65. says

    I’m in a group that started in a church and has continued to grow and change! We are around 10 women, give or take, but have had quite a few more come and go through the course of our studies, depending on schedules, kids, etc. We have had 20 somethings up through Great Grandmas! It’s a beautiful group of women! We are currently studying Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself. We meet at the home of one of our members, so it’s a welcoming, fun environment.

  66. says

    My name is Debbie and I actually am involved in many small groups. I have one that I do with friends where there are about 6 of us and we meet at a local coffee shop. I have one that I do with my church where there are about 30 of us and we meet in a room at our church, and I do Bible studies on my own at home as well. Currently our small group is studying “40 Days In The Word” by Rick Warren, my church group is studying “Daniel” by Beth Moore, and here at home I am studying “Discerning The Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer. I love to continually grow in God’s Word, and apply the lessons from Bible studies in my own life. This would be a blessing to have all of these member books! Praying for this!

  67. Jennifer O says

    I’m part of two small groups:
    1. Mom’s Group, 10-15 ladies (some are not mommas), meet every other week at someone’s home, we’re finishing Power of Positive Mom and not sure what to do next
    2. Life Group, 10 or so families with kids around the same age, meet once a month at someone’s home, we’ve been studying the fruit of the spirit

  68. says

    I’m currently leading two groups of women (10 ladies) thru Kay Arthur’s _Lord, Teach Me to Pray_ study. We meet at Faith Family Church in Finksburg, Maryland on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday evenings. I’m currently researching and praying about which studies to offer for for our Spring and Fall Bible Study groups. This box of books would be a great resource to help us choose upcoming studies. Thanks so much for blessing someone with this great resource.

  69. Jayme says

    We have a group of young moms that get together when we can to fellowship and study the Word! This would be perfect!

  70. lara says

    I would love to win this…iwould love to use this to start my own small group and use it to reachout to other womenwho need direction the right direction…

  71. April Lopez says

    Oh this would be so wonderful. I don’t have a study group right now. The one I was attending just didn’t get into the Bible enough for me so I am trying to figure out what to do. This prize would be awesome.

  72. D Marshall says

    This is a great idea! To have a selection of studies to choose from makes the whold process so much easier! Plus, the leader(s) of the group can get feedback–it’s not feasible to ask everyone to meet at the local Christian bookstore to look through materials.
    I’m doing two studies: Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims (fascinating!) in my Life Group of 14 and Beth Moore’s “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place” with my significant other.

  73. Sharon Olsen says

    Our group meets on Monday nights at the church and we are finishing up a study of Ann Voscamp’s “One Thousand Gifts”. There are about 12 of us.

  74. says

    We at Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas, want all women to have the opportunity to grow in Christ and know Him personally. We currently have several groups studying together SEEDS and Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer (and we are looking forward to hosting Conway women April 27 for her simulcast!), Loved by God by Liz Curtis Higgs, the Law of Love by Beth Moore, and we are using the Apples of Gold format with our Mom 2 Mom group this winter. I am currently studying through Why Do You Believe That? by Mary Jo Sharp, so that we can offer it this summer and fall. These previews would really help us in planning. Thank you for doing such a tremendous job helping us to encourage women to get into The Word!

  75. says

    We have a Women’s Bible Study on Monday nights, and our church offers Christian Eduaction on Sunday mornings. Currently, our women’s Bible study is doing Malachi. Next up is Stepping Up.

  76. Kris Konick says

    Church group – currently studying “24 Hours that Changed the World” Getting ready to study “Not A Fan” hopefully also. Meet on Wed and possibly Sunday nights.

  77. says

    My husband and I are leading our first marrieds small group, called Love and Respect by Emmerson Eggrich. We have 5 other couples ranging from 3 years married to 29 years married. So much fun! A great responsibility as well! We meet in my home.

  78. Valerie R. says

    I’m in a ladies group that meets on Wednesday evenings (10-20). We are currently studying Answers in Genesis.

  79. Nicole Iverstine says

    I attend a study with 10 other women. We just finished Faithful, Abundant and True. The next study will be A Woman’s Heart.

  80. Julie Danker says

    I am in a small group with 6 fabulous ladies – every week we look forward to laughing, crying, and learning together. We are currently doing the study Deeper Still.

  81. Miranda Marsh says

    I meet with a group of 14-18 ladies in one of the classrooms at our church on Wednesday nights. We are currently doing Jennifer Rothschild’s new study “Missing Pieces.”

  82. Chrissy says

    A few friends and I are looking to start a small Bible study group. This would be an awesome starter! Currently studying Beth Moore’s James at my church.

  83. Alli says

    My name is alli. I have been on my walk with Christ for 3 yrs and have never been more full of life. Christ has filled that spot in my heart that was always earning for something. I am a stay at home mom doing the best I can to raise my handsome two boys with Jesus in their hearts and mind. My small group meets at a beautiful home owned by one of the ladies in our small group. There are about 12 of us and alway growing. Praise to the King of Kings for that:) Our church takes place in one of the local High Schools while our church building is under construction. our church is only 3yrs old and growing fast as well. We are currently doing the Daniel study of Beth Moore and are about half way through. Just love watching the Holy Spirit work!

  84. Gale Boling says

    Just finishing Beth Moores Deuteronomy study at our church. Would like new material. Staying in His work is the nourishment we need.

  85. Stacey S says

    I have two groups; Our ladies SS class of about 5-10 ladies and our Running Group of about 20-40 ladies.

  86. Sherrell Gay says

    Several years ago I hosted a ladies’ Bible Study Group in my home. Then I was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease which led to 2 heart transplants and a kidney transplant. Now that my recovery has gone so well, I am ready to serve our Lord again by working with our Women’s Ministry.

  87. Cynthia says

    Our ladies study just started in January. Currently, we have around 25 who meet to study. We are doing “A Woman After God’s Own Heart”, Elizabeth George. The group, consisting of young moms to more mature women, meet at our church weekly. We also host a Saturday brunch once a month to share testimonies and plan to do outreach missions as well as women’s retreats.

  88. Wanda says

    My group is doing the study Why Do You Believe That by Mary Jo Sharp. We currently have 14 ladies that attend but each study the number does vary. We meet in our church. This is a ladies group that does these studies and all of us feel that by keeping in God’s word is important so we can make our walk with the Lord closer.

  89. Chris Dombrowski says

    I love bible study! I have been an active part of small group bible studies for years and recently began hosting them again. Always looking for good materials! My personal growth has been linked to the small group ministry that I have been a part of.

  90. Christie Nader says

    Hi there,
    This is a great give-away! I lead a small group Tue nights that has about 8 women of all ages in South Riding, VA as a part of New Life Christian Church’s life groups.
    We’re about to start Lisa Harper’s Malachi.
    All our small group leaders meet monthly to support one another and share ideas.
    This box set would be a great way for the leaders to explore topics and look at next study plans.

  91. Roseann Hicks says

    We have small group of 10 ladies ranging from twenties to their 60’s! I love the life lessons we can share with each other. We just finished the Jonah Series. Loved it!

  92. Joy says

    I facilitate a group of 10-15 women on Monday nights at our church. We are studying Lisa Harper’s, Malachi. Always looking for new studies to keep us in His word!

  93. Redawna Warner says

    This would be such an amazing gift! I’m part of a ladies bible study that meets on Tuesday nights, at our Church. We have 10 members and have been going strong for about 3 years! Presently we are right in the middle of the study of Ruth by Liz Curtis Higgs Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Rachel D says

    Our small group has 7 couples and we meet at our hosue. We are currently studying marriage. I also co-lead a mom’s group at a local church of around 50 ladies. Would LOVE to win those amazing books!!

  95. Jennifer Taylor says

    On Sunday night, I’m in the 5 Conversations you mush have with your daughter class. On my own, I’m reading Dave Ramsey and the Weigh Down Diet.

  96. Jenn Burwell says

    We have several Bible study groups in our church. The ladies have 3: one that meets Wednesday nights and is currently going through Ephesians with about 35 women; one that meets on Thursday mornings (do not know how many in that one) and one that meets on Thursday nights (attendance varies between 10 and 20). We also have a few SS classes that use Bible study books in place of the literature that the church provides. I think one of those is studying the book: One Thousand Gifts.

  97. Tracey Miller says

    I was called (reluctantly) to lead Women’s Bible study about four years ago and I’m so grateful that God chooses to use me in this way. As a military wife, my study groups change about every three years. Currently, my group numbers about ten women–and this varies when it’s time for the ladies to PCS (move). We are midway through Beth Moore’s Here and Now, Then and There. We meet every Wednesday and these girls are so devoted to studying God’s word that they even keep us going through the summer months!
    Living in the interior of Alaska, there are not a lot of opportunities to attend Christian concerts or other events so making our own ways to worship and praise. Thank God for Lifeway and the vast array of material you offer!

  98. Wanda Jackson says

    I LOVE women’s ministry! I love to watch God transform His follower’s heart from focused on self, to focused on Him… My husband and I are an Air Force family and move often. God has blessed us with a church family that has met us where we are every single time we have moved! At this point in our journey, we live in Albuquerque, NM and have been led to be involved in Crossroads Fellowship, PCA. I am the Women’s Ministry coordinator and my husband is the catalyst for all things men’s ministry… We would be blessed to have this gift as we fund most of what is initiated in these areas. At this point our ladies are 65% of the way through the Jerry Bridges book “Discipline of Grace”. This box of Bible Studies would be a great blessing and resource for our small Southwest church!

  99. angelita says

    This would be wonderful! I’m part of a coed class that meets on Wednesdays there are 9 of us and we have a awsome time studying the Word of God.

  100. Lisa Crawford says

    Hello! The group I study with is currently finishing up Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” Bible study, and we are trying to decide still what we should do next, so any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed! I am going to suggest Malachi by Lisa Harper, but some of the reviews I have read have been mixed. This was my first Bible study ever with the wonderful women of St. Paul’s United Methodist in Papillion, Nebraska. Our small group – approximately 10 women ranging in age from 25 to 65 – meets Sunday mornings following service, in an upstairs room of the church. Our size allows for intimate discussion, reflection and support. I am very grateful to have participated in the “Breaking Free” Bible study to help identify, acknowledge and remove bondage from my life. I encourage every woman to participate in that study. It’s a life changer.

  101. Sallie Harbaugh says

    Currently God has blessed me by leading two small group Bible Studies for women. We are using the Women of Faith Series and currently doing Magnificent Grace. One group meet Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour and the other on Thursday evenings. There are a few ladies working the study on their own and we frequently email or chat online about how the Lord is working in their life. The numbers vary with a total of about 30 women. I love the way the Holy Spirit takes over in the study and whatever we are studying someone in the group “needed it”! God has also prepared me by bringing opportunities in my life to grow and live the study we are doing!

  102. Joyce Bush says

    I have two small groups, one at work and a group through my church. At church we offer women’s Bible study at three different times. My group meets on Sunday Afternoons before Sunday evening service. I cannot imagine my life anymore without women’s bible studies to keep me grounded in the word. I have grown so much since beginning over 10 years ago.

  103. Nicole says

    We are just starting a small group or we actually call them family circle. This would be a great jump start!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to be the recipient!


  104. Melissa B. says

    I am in a great Bible study right now going through the book of Philippians with women of all ages!

  105. Colleen Jumper says

    Our women’s ministry has hosted a bible study for over 3 years that reaches out to women in the community / there are several who come from churches that don’t have a ministry to women or bible studies geared to them specifically and/or don’t go to church anywhere. I am always on the lookout for good bible studies and have used Lifeway resources often. We have a very small operating budget (some of which provides participant books) and I am always looking fore cost effective ways to provide these resources.

  106. Angie says

    Our ladies will soon be finishing up a chip ingram study with the men and will begin our own class again.

  107. says

    The women’s group at my church is currently doing PREMIUM ROAST WITH RUTH from the Coffee Cup Bible Series by Sandra Glahn. Just since my family started going to this church last June, I have done Faithful, Abundant, True and Can We Talk with the wonderful women of our church. We meet at our church on Thrusday mornings and there are usually 10-15 in attendance, but we are growing and are bringing in people from our community who either do not have a church home, or attend elsewhere, but need a womens study group. God is blessing our group! The men of our church just finished up Kingdom Man.

  108. Debi Smith says

    I lead a Bible Study with about 12 of the sweetest women ever. Right now we are currently doing “Nehemiah” by Kelly Minter. Its one of the studies in her Living Room series, so where we meet varies week to week depending on who is hosting. This would be a great asset for our ladies and our church family! God bless you.

  109. Shari Schock says

    I lead a women’s bible study on Monday nights at our church. We have around 20 women and are just finishing up “Duty or Delight?” By Tammie Head. We are always looking for high quality bible studies, so I love the idea of this box. My husband and I also host a small group at our home on Wednesday nights. Right now we’re studying the book of Hebrews.

  110. Sheila Spencer says

    Our ladies ministry is just getting restarted after some church problems we experienced. This would be a great win for our ministry!

  111. Judi Courter says

    My Bible study is held weekly Monday nights at my church, Community United Methodist in Fruitland Park, FL. We are a group of 12 -15 “Women Journeying Through the Bible”. Monday, February 25th we just completed the amazing “To Live Is Christ – the Life and Ministry of Paul” Beth Moore study which was phenomenal (but then again, they all are).. That study completed our 17th study. We have a few weeks off and then we start another one of Beth Moore’s studies her new Lecture Study. . . The Law of Love (Deuteronomy). We are almost into our 4th year and have completed 11 Beth Moore studies, a few by Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur, Rick Warren, Randy Alcorn and Kimberly Dunnam Reisman. We have enjoyed all of them and use your website (Lifeway) for inspiration all the time. Keep up the great work. Thank you and God bless!!! Your Sister in Christ, Judi

  112. says

    HI! my name is Isabel :)
    I’m in a small women group that meets on Sunday afternoons with 10 great ladies!
    we meet at my pastors mothers church :) we are currently working on “brave” by Angela Thomas! :)

    Sunday will be our last day..

  113. Andria says

    I am in a Bible Study with eight other women plus my dad, who is our minister and leader. We meet once a week in our homes. We just finished Beth Moore’s James study. We are currently studying the Easter Experience. I would love to win this study and share it with my group!

  114. Melanie Stevens says

    There are 16 ladies in my current group and we are studying Nehemiah with Kelly Minter. We are meeting at our church on Sunday nights. I am having the best time with these ladies. Many of these ladies are Senior Adults and they seem thrilled to be meeting with some yournger (40 yr olds) women. Everyone seems to love Kelly and her teaching style even though she is by far the youngest in our “group”

  115. English Barbour says

    I am part of a women’s bible study group that meets at our church on Sunday afternoons. We are currently studying the book Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. We have around 10-15 in our group with an age range of 25-70. It is a great group! I would love the opportunity to share these great books with our group. We are always looking for new ideas and books!

  116. Samantha H says

    There are about 12-20 people in my bible study. We meet on Tuesday evenings. The group is made up of mostly singles that are in New Orleans for school. We are studying the Sunday sermon topics in depth which are focusing on Jesus’s life. Thanks so much for this give away!

  117. Kelly Harris says

    I’m one of a few ladies who facilitate studies at our church and we are currently looking to expand our offerings and cover broader demographics. I’m also feeling lead to start a small group of moms at my kids’ Christian school.

  118. Leslie Jones says

    My summer group has been meeting for 15 straight summers. They are mostly teachers exhausted from the previous school year and re-fueling for the coming school year. They adore Jesus and love Bible study. We would love having this box :)

  119. says

    I am currently hands on with our Young adult girls, ages 18-24 on Wednesday nights. We are working through “Me, Myself & Lies,” by Jennifer Rothschild with our women’s ministry but meet separately to discuss our work and how it pertains to their age/life stage. We meet in a lobby area on the floor, with pillows, a few chairs, Bibles open and have a great time. There are 11 of us and none have ever been in a small group before. God is doing some really cool work!

  120. Becki McAuley says

    Our group meets in a home and we about 8 strong. We are just finishing up Unglued and hope to start Ruth by Kelly Minter in 2 weeks. I love this group of ladies and how our lives are touched by being in relationship with each other.

  121. Trena Gauci says

    Trena – There are five ladies that meet in our small group. We meet in a lovely lil’ coffee shop every other week. Currently, we’re studying 1,2, 3 John & Jude. What a blessing these ladies are!

  122. Candy Martin says

    We have a group of ladies at our church who delve into many different topics concerning women and our walk with the Lord. Our group has become very close over the past few years and it has been so encouraging to see the growth that has occurred as a result of the various Bible studies we have done through Lifeway. Our group who meet on Wednesday night, would be thrilled to receive these studies and we would put them to good use.

  123. Lisa Beech says

    My name is Lisa Beech. I am part of a home church movement in Northeast Ohio – a sister church to Xenos Christian Fellowship of Columbus, Ohio. Our women’s group is currently studying Ephesians using the Life Change Series and Sit, Walk, Stand by Nee, We just finished Jill Briscoe’s bible study guide for Hebrews and Tim Keller’s marriage book.. I am part of a home group where we are studying John. I am also in a mentoring relationship with several women who have recently come to know Christ. These books would be well used if I were to be selected to receive the book box.

  124. Alpha Marie Goombi says

    My husband and I are missionaries to Native Americans in Nebraska. We have no funds for good Bible studies for the Native American men and women who attend our Bible Studies. We meet for Bible study on the Omaha Indian Reservation and have an evening Bible study in the inner-city of Omaha, Nebraska. Last night a young mother came to our home for counseling and prayer and we are going to start a Bible study for young Native American mothers in her home and these Bible studies in this packet would make a great start to our Bible Studies. God bless!

  125. Jessica Wilson says

    We just finished with deeper still, absolutely uplifting and spiritual. Looking forward to the next!

  126. Christina says

    This would be a great supplement to any Bible Study! I think it would be great for my husband who has lots of questions about Bible, which he wasn’t exposed to growing up!

  127. Lydia Blum says

    Great offer. We have 8 – 10 ladies who meet every week and many who are following us through email weekly. We are reading the bible through in a year. Every week we get together to read the passages that we have read the following week. It has been great reading the word. We meet on Thursday mornings in a home or at our church, depending on the kids school schedule.

  128. Lynn Vandever says

    After reading a lot of the comments, it makes me want to be a part of a Bible Study group also. Our church doesn’t have any groups doing this and I’ve been thinking for some time about trying to start one. I have a friend that is also interested in having a group study. If I win this that would be a great start to having one. I am very inspired by all of the ladies on here that have groups. I see that it doesn’t have to be a crowd since a few had only 3 or 4 members. I have to admit that my church has lost some of my interest and I don’t like that. I think reading your post has been the inspiration I need to start a Bible study group too. If it’s God’s will then I will try my best to do my part. Everyone keep up the good work. God bless everyone.

  129. Laurie Arritt says

    Our small group just started and we are currently doing a six weeks series with our church on Living an Extraordinary Life for Jesus!

  130. says

    I absolutely love Lifeway’s studies! I lead studies with different groups of women…even virtually sometimes! Our groups are anywhere from 5 to 10 ladies and we particularly love getting into the depth and richness of scripture. No wimpy theology for us women!

  131. Christi Schrauger says

    I would love to win this!!! I love exploring new bible studies with various groups.


  132. Catalina Victoria says

    My name is Catalina.

    I have a small group of 12 people who are military couples. We are currently working on Fearless by Andy Stanley. We meet at the Chapel on post.

  133. Gina Demangos says

    Hello, I am Gina Demangos and have been co-leading with my friend Toni Chase Beth Moore Bible studies for three years now. We are leading our 11th Beth Moore study with 40 women at Grace Church San Diego. We are currently studying ” A Women’s Heart.” Beth studies have completely changed my walk with Christ and can’t ever imagine not being in one of her studies, they are truly life changing!!

  134. Nicole W. says

    My name is Nicole. The small group I’m in has about 7 people and we are currently studying ‘Lord I Want To Know You’ by Kay Arthur. We meet weekly at our church, The Chapel, in Indianapolis.

  135. Anita Lowry says

    Have been leading Women’s Bible Study for the past 10 years. We do 2 studies per year. One in the fall and one in the spring. We are currently studing “Jonah” by P. Shirer. Have completed most of Beth’s studies. I love sharing the “Word of God” with the women of God. It’s new and exciting everytime I opened His precious “Love Letters” to me. Enrollment ranges from 12 women up to around 50. Praying for God’s leadership.

  136. Amber Carter says

    I would love to win this for my WMU group we live in a rural area and have a tiny group that would be blessed by this!

  137. Ramona says

    I currently am doing Priscilla Shirer’s Jonah study on my own. Years ago, the pastor at the church I attended did not want to have messages “piped in” from others so a group study like hers or Beth Moore’s was out of the question (so very sad!) Not to be discouraged I started doing Bible study on my own and have continued to do so ever since. I have done several wonderful studies by both Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. I would like to win this so that I could branch out from the routine and maybe lead another study from my home in the future.

  138. Jennifer Winner says

    I am a pastor’s wife and between the 2 of us we are in a couple small groups! I lead one with a group of women where we read a novel and then do a devotion based on the theme of the novel…it has been a great group!! He leads one for couples who are young in their faith and we do different Bible studies. WE love our small groups!

  139. Cecily R Bornemann says

    I’m not in a small group but would like to be. This would be a great tool to use if I was leading one.

  140. Heather McNett says

    My daughter and I are currently leading a group to help inform others about human trafficking and we are raising money to send to The A21 Campaign. We would be very excited to win a box of study materials!

  141. Sharon says

    I am in several Bible studies. I have led our women’s studies at our church for the last 5 years. Currently we are doing Malachi and love it. Our other group is doing James by Beth Moore. Our couple study group is doing Revelation. Would love to win

  142. Diana Gardner says

    We have two groups, a morning and evening group, that does a different study every quarter. Next week they will start Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. The summer and fall studies will be James by Beth Moore and Embraced by God by Babbie Mason.

  143. Audrey says

    Our d-group is made up of 12 people (8 different families). We typically meet in one of our homes. We’re studying “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan right now and have recently set aside the 2nd Sunday of the month to have a worship service at a local nursing home. We love our d-group!

  144. Bonnie Brigman says

    Curerntly we have over a hundred women in the Breaking Free study, powerful!!! We offer women’s Bible studies on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night. I love Lifeway and all the resources you offer. I’m blessed by the Lifeway store in Tustin, Ca…. great team of people there that help Newport Mesa Church with great resources!!!

  145. Rebecca Reichenbach says

    I am currently doing the Eather Bible study at my church. I am looking to start another atudy with a smaller group of womenbut we are not sure what/when we will be starting it. But this would give us something to start with.

  146. Eve Zellner says

    Hi I lead a group of ladies about 20 of us, and help cooridnate other small groups for my church. My own group is currently studying Kings/Chronichles and all the minor prophets. We will finish up with our indepth study of these 12 books in by Sept. A resourse like this would sure come in handy for subsequent studies and getting other groups up an going! Sure hope I am one of your random 50:)

  147. Ramona says

    I just volunteered to take over the coordinator position for our church’s womens ministry. This would be an excellent resource for our leadership team!

  148. Katie says

    I would love to win this for my Women’s Faith Focus group. We meet on Tuesdays each week and are currently working through 1000 gifts.

  149. Nesha says

    Nesha Vest. We have a small group of 10 ladies which meet 2nd (M’s house) & 4th Friday (my house). We are currently doing ‘Frazzled Female’, then will start Margaret Feinberg’s ‘Scouting the Divine’. I also do studies on my own throughout the year- getting ready to start Beth Moore’s ‘Revelation’ study.

  150. Sandra Hingst says

    Our group varies from week to week, but have approximately 12 women who attend regularly. We belong to a Mothers of Preschoolers group and meet every week for a bible study. We are just finishing up “A Woman’s Secret to a Balanced Life” by Lysa TerKeurts and Sharon Jaynes (Proverbs 31 Ministries).

  151. Nicole says

    Our women’s ministry usually has three ongoing groups doing a variety of studies throughout the year. We just finished Nehemiah (Kelly Minter), So Long Insecurity (Beth Moore), and Law of Love (Beth Moore). We’re about to do a three-week training for our women’s Bible study leaders!

  152. dana w. says

    My bible study group meets on Thursday nights–it is the best group ever. We are starting Malachi on Thursday :).

  153. Fondra Magee says

    Just saw God at work in an amazing way yesterday….I have been praying for almost 2 years for God to open a door to do a bible study at my apartment complex. The owner (who does not live here) is very verbal about NO religious activity on his properties and the manager is not saved and a very difficult manager with the residents. Yesterday I really felt compelled to go ask again and this time, i was blown over with the heart change I saw in the manager. She ENTHUSIASTICALLY said I could lead a bible study right there in the lodge and she even volunteered that she would put an announcement in the apartment newsletter that goes out next week to 240 units about the bible study. A few lades from my church will be with me as i am planning on teaching WONDERSTRUCK here at the apartment lodge on Friday mornings at 9:15 beginning March 15 . I won the Wonderstruck DVD kit and 5 books just last month from this give a way and am trying to be faithful with what God has blessed me with…..I do not think anything is a coincidence and I am praying for those 5 ladies from this apartment complex whom God wants in this study…..for them to have the courage to come without knowing anyone so they will hear the gospel. Will you join with me in prayer? THank you!

  154. lisa mize says

    Hi my name is Lisa. We have a small group of eight people. Four married couples differing in age and in our childrens ages. We meet every other Friday at our home. We always have dinner together and then get down to our study. We try to have a game night/potlock at the end of every study. We are currently on week five of “The Seven Daily Sins”. It has been a very thought provoking study along with great discussions. The leader guide is just awesome with ideas and certain ways to start each session. This last week we met and the session we were on was Envy. Wow we ended our night in praise and worship with all of us singing, “At Your Name” by Phil Wickham. It was a pretty heavy topic, and we all felt so grateful to our Mighty Father who loves us!

  155. Leslie says

    Our group of women just ended Lysa TerKerst’s When Women Say Yes to God…looking for something for Fall Bible study

  156. Trish McAllister says

    My name is Trish and we are getting ready to start WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THAT. I can’t wait to get started. I would love to win the Bible study insider since I am a Bible Study Geek!!

  157. Sheri Schlagel says

    My small group has 5 women and meets Thursday evenings in my home. We are readimg Love Does by Bob Goff and studying the book of Mark. Thank you for continuing to create outside of the box in providing resources for women. Love the simulcasts as well!

  158. Katie Mitchell says

    I currently host a small group of 8 people at my house. We are going through the book of Galatians together.

  159. susan says

    Two groups meet at our Church studying the same curriculum. There are 16 women and 1 man in our group. (The man comes so that his wife can attend – long story.) The other group has 12 women. Currently we are studying the 66 Love Letters by Dr Crabb. We have a potluck with the other group the first Wednesday of the month with both groups.

    It would be awesome to win this in order to figure out what to do when this study ends – beginning of June

  160. Sharon Carter says

    I volunteer at Perry Correctional through the Prison Fellowship founded by Chuck Colson. We meet on Monday nights in small group Bible studies, and this would be a tremendous help. Our ministry is to help inmates read and understand the bible and biblical principles for their day to day living. Thank you for you generosity!

  161. Jill Whitmore says

    I lead a Tuesday night study with 8-10 ladies from church. I would love to have a variety of subjects to study! thanks so much..

  162. says

    I love this giveaway so much. I just finished Bible study today and ended it with meeting with my co-leader to look ahead at adding new women in the fall and thinking about what the next study will be. So Bible study is right at the top of my mind and heart right now. We are a group of 5 women from the same church and we are just a couple lessons from finishing Jesus the One and Only. We did The Patriarchs last year. We live in Portland, Oregon!
    Thanks Lifeway for this opportunity!

  163. says

    I LUV LUV LUV Bible Studies!!!! Normally, I do them on my own and let me just say doing Bible studies has ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORMED my relationship with God. there is literally NOTHING like it!!!!
    Now that my husband is pastoring a small church, I would LUV to get together a group and do Bible studies together!!!

  164. Kris Allen says

    Not meeting as a small group until the semester is over [I’m the leader and trying to work and do grad school], but we meet at my house… 4-5 of us usually… and we last did Beth Moore’s classic Breaking Free.

  165. Stacy Dun says

    I am in a Bible study that meets in a friend’s home. We are a group of 6 women and we include 1 Skype friend to participate. We are currently doing “agape road” but most people have some reservations about this study. Our group would love to have a supply of options to explore. Thank you for this opportunity.

  166. Mary Heidelberger says

    Love the Lifeway bible studies and look forward to each and every one. We have a wonderful group of ladies in our church that can hardly wait for the new studies to begin.
    Thanks for all you do

  167. Leigh Ann Kiendl says

    Doing Beth Moore’s Daniel right now! I think it’s her best one ever but I love all of them. Blessings and praises to Lifeway for spreading the Gospel with fabulous studies! Thank you!

  168. Trisha Ontiveros says

    We meet on Mondays and we are currently doing Malachi by Lisa Harper. There are 15 in my group and 10 in an evening group. Thanks… would love to win!

  169. Laura Barthelmess says

    We recently moved back to my home town. I attend a Tuesday night Bible study at our church and host a book club in the summer. I would love and am praying for the women to want to continue all year!

  170. Alyson says

    I would LOVE to win this – Thank you for the opportunity! My Bible study group of 12 meets at our church and we recently finished Beth Moore’s Law of Love.

  171. Jan says

    We are currently doing Desperate by cindi woods. We meet on Wednesdays from 12 to 1:15 and have for a few the mixed ages of the wonderful women who are fully devoted followers of Christ.

  172. Janelle Kerr says

    I love Beth Moore Bible studies. Our ladies group is 12 ladies we meet on Thursdays. We are studying Philippians right now. Thanks.

  173. Nancy says

    Bible studies give me the accountability I need to be in the Word on a weekly basis. It makes it even better when you can share the experience with friends! We have meet in church, our homes, and blogging.

  174. Raquel Raiten says

    I am actually working on Beth Moore’s James Mercy Triumphs and Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I have been super excited to be working through made to Crave because my sister is leading the group of about 40 women in our church. She is a personal trainer and nutritionist and she really pushed for this bible study. It’s her first time leading a group. It’s fun to support her and get such great ideas for my own health. Beth Moore is actually my favorite bible studies teacher. I have done quite a few and wish she would just go through the whole bible book by book. She always funny and I learn so much from taking her studies. I’ve actually have purchased three series for myself, so I can keep the dvd’s and redo them again in the future. Thank you!

  175. Vicky Kawamae says


    I am part of a women’s small group of about 10. We love meeting and having sweet fellowship together. Tomorrow we are starting the Law of Love study by Beth Moore! We’re excited!!!!

    Blessings to all!

  176. Tanya Area says

    My small group has approx. 10 members and we are currently coming to the end of the Beth Moore Stepping Up bible study. It would be awesome to win this as we aren’t sure what we will work on next.

  177. Lisa Maynard says

    I meet in a home with 5 ladies. We recently finished Beth Moore’s Daniel and just started A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place.

  178. Karen says

    I actually lead two groups. A class of about 30 is doing Beth Moore’s Daniel in one and a group of 10 doing Multiply by Francis Chan. I love, love, love doing Bible studies with women who love to dig into the Word of God!

  179. Terra says

    We have an awesome ladies group. We meet every Monday night. We all do not go to the same church, it is just so amazing how God has brought us all together. We are all at different stages of life, able to offer encouragment for anything one of the ladies is going threw, because one of us has been threw it!!!! We have about 11 women that come on a regular basis, and have up to 15 at times. Our fearless leader, Lisa opens her house up for us to meet, and always has a snack to share. Right now we are in the third week of Beth Moore’s James bible study. We all love it and hate it at the same time!!! Really opening our eyes about so many things. Our group leader is always providing the study material as best she can on a limited budget. This would be such a blessing for her and our group. When we are done with our studes, we send them to a Ministry called Love Packages that sends bible literature all over the world. So it would not only be a blessing to us but then to someone overseas!!!

  180. Dianne Ewin says

    We have a small group of 6 women and we last finished a Phyllis Shirer study. We love every new Bible study that we can get our hands on. We have done the one on the Tabernacle twice. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  181. Linda Hutsell says

    I love learning about God. He has done so much in my life.
    The last Beth Moore study was Living Beyond Yourself.
    The. Went into the Radical study by David Platt which led
    Into a disciple study with time to go together to serve.
    We meet at the church on Tuesday mornings, there is
    About twenty enthusiastic women learning about God.
    Thank you !!!

  182. Pat Wright says

    My small group of 6 meet at Sugar Creek United Methodist Church on Sunday mornings. We are studying Max Lucado’s In the Eye of The Storm. Thank you for the opportunity to win new studies! And to comment on Terra’s post we give ours to Love Packages in Butler, IL also!

  183. Diana says

    Our ladies at church just finished a study of James. There were about 8 of us. We’re looking for a study to do next. It’s nice to get together and fellowship and study the Bible.

  184. Sheri Daily says

    My name is Sheri, and I attend what we call Women’s Community at Compass Church in Naperville, IL. There are roughly 30 of us, and we are currently studying Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah study and LOVING it!

  185. Allison J says

    I am a HS teacher, and my small group is 9 HS girls hungry to grow closer to God! We love our time in prayer and studying God’s Word.

  186. Anita Rawls says

    I am currently studying “James” by Beth Moore with the high school girls in a Christian school nearby. It is my passion to take Bible studies like these to women who would not study them otherwise. My favorite groups are the ones that bring together unchurched Christian women, churched women, and women who are searching for God all at the same time.

  187. says

    We are just starting a small group in our home for young couples from our church whose work schedules conflict with regular Bible studies and worship times. We want to enable them to do life together but not feel guilty about working at traditional times. Law enforcement and medical professionals often don’t have a choice in scheduling. And they need bible study, worship, community , and prayer, too. We are excite and a box would give us a great up start! Hagerman baptist church, sherman, tx

  188. Jennifer Ellis says

    This would be a tremendous blessing to my small group. We have between12-18 women of all ages in different seasons of life. We meet at our church and are currently doing “Cookies on the Lower Shelf” book 2.

  189. Theresa LeBlanc says

    I am currently attending a study of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. I am excited at the opportunity to win new materials.

  190. Jessica says

    My community group meets once a week with about 4-5 couples and we’ve been going through Matthew. My.accountability group tries to meet once a week and we’ve been reading James together.

  191. Carri Walker says

    We have 15-20 in our small group. We are currently doing Beth Moore’s “So Long Insecurity” and we meet at our church.

  192. Bonnie Clark says

    I am currently in a study with 11 wonderful ladies from or church and we are studying Beth Moore’s Here and Now, There and Then. We are lovin’ it.

  193. Sandy Bowers says

    Our church offers several woman’s studies throughout the year. Would live to have some new and different studies to look at!

  194. Michele McCullough says

    The weekly bible study I attend is life saving to me. DH and I have two medically fragile children who take a lot of our time. They require nursing care at home and it’s hard to find night nurses for the weekends so I am up at night to care for them . This makes regular church attendance impossible. When I found the Germantown Hills bible study I was able to find a home where I could be in weekly fellowship with other christian ladies. It has been and answer to a prayer for a place that I can grow in my faith. I have made great friends there. I’m not alone anymore. My friend Rebecca and I are already booked for the Springfield Beth Moore conference.

  195. Rhonda Shelley says

    We have enjoyed One in a Million, Jonah, and other studies on DVD by Priscilla Shirer. We have been blessed by Beth Moore Bible studies. We begin 30 Growth Groups on Sunday through Saturday night and will learn together through “Real-life Discipleship”. I have been leading a group at church through Life Lessons in Bible Studies for Life. We would love to receive this wonderful box offered to our ladies!

  196. Teresa Gary says

    I have been meeting with the same group of women for 10 years. we have grown from 15 to almost 40. we are currently studying Beth Moore’s Jesus, The One and Only.

  197. Rachel says

    I lead Beth Moore Bible studies in Taipei, Taiwan! I’ve ben leading her studies for 10 years. We’re currently doing the JAMES study. We have 12 ladies in the group. :)

  198. Jerry Back says

    We’ll be starting small groups based on the study of a book this Spring… Would love receive a box of books like these to start our new small groups!

  199. Sonja Wood says

    There are 12 women in my small group that meets on Sunday nights (that way they have child care). We are working through basics of the Christian life: how to know you’re saved, how to have a quiet time, how to memorize scripture., Living the exchanged life. Essentially, how to live everyday life like Jesus. No curriculum, just an older woman teaching younger women.

  200. Kristi says

    I am part of a small group called The Blend. There are about 8 of us and we are currently doing a study on The Five Love Languages.

  201. Betty M says

    Our ladies neighborhood Bible study group has been meeting for 6 yrs now. In an isolated area like w have out here one would think getting a houseful of gals would be tough but with the oil boom here many people are moving back for jobs.. Our group started out with 8 women and still has 9 currently and they are a completely different group of women! Only the facilitator and I have been there the whole time! We do many studies but keep coming back to Lifeways. I like the format I like that doctrinal issues are not discussed to great extent because therein lies the divisions not the unifying we so need these days. Have been to one Lifeways event and hope to take in another this summer. Keep up the fine work!!

  202. Tara says

    13 currently attend the small group held at our home. We are about half way through Covenant by Kay Arthur. Great idea with these books!

  203. Laura B says

    Our women’s study is looking for a new study to do. I love having a book study that keeps us on track and accountable. We have done several of Beth’s studies. Now looking for our next study.

  204. Megan Petronella says

    I lead a women’s group with about 15-20 other ladies. We are currently doing “True Woman 101″ and our study this past fall was Beth Moore’s James study. Our next study is Jonah and we are so excited to learn about what studies are out there.

  205. Tish says

    We have 8 in our family small group – currently doing ‘Twistin the Truth’ by Andy Stanley.
    There are 12 in our women’s study and we are studying the book of Luke.

  206. Janet D. says

    There are around 11 ladies that are attending our current bible study that we hold at our church. We are doing “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer.

  207. Terri Jo Perry says

    Our group is called the Monday Night Ladies. We have 10 – 15 ladies. We are currently doing Chase by Jennie Allen. I am always looking for new studies. Thanks!

  208. Lana Liggett says

    Wonderful giveaway. I am always on the lookout for new studies. I have done many (actually all but the one on the life of Paul which was on the earliest) of the Beth Moore studies with a group of about 20 -25 ladies from our church and community. We just finished The Law of Love and they are already waiting for the next one! I have also done studies with my daughter (long distance). We share through weekly emails our thoughts and insights. I sometimes just do Bible studies by myself!

  209. Amanda Cross says

    Amanda Cross
    Our small group is a little non-traditional. It’s an online Facebook group. We’re studying Abounding Hope by Lara Williams and Katie Orr.

  210. Rita L says

    We have 2 small groups of about 10 ladies each studying Priscilla Shirer’s “He Speaks to Me”. This is the 5th time I have used this study by Priscilla and it’s just amazing. If you’re looking for life transformation and discipleship growth for yourself and your group members, look no further. This is the real deal!

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