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Ladies, whether you’re a women’s ministry leader or you lead a small group, we have something really exciting to tell you about today.bsi-product-price

LifeWay has just launched this neat membership-based program called Bible Study Insider.

Basically, you sign up to be an “Insider,” and – twice a year – you get a box shipped to you with 13-15 of the latest LifeWay small group Bible study member books for women, men, adults, and young adults.

Whenever a box is shipped to you, your LifeWay church account is charged $50 for the cost of the box (including shipping). BUT, and here’s the kicker, inside each box is also a $50 voucher you can use toward the cost of your next LifeWay Bible study.

Did you catch that? You’re basically getting over $150 worth of Bible studies FREE.

Some of the member book titles that come in the first box

Bible Study Insider has a really neat blog with more information about the box, along with tools, tips, samples and more to help you grow as a Bible study leader. You can also sign up on their blog to be an “Insider” and view their Winter catalog.

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  1. Shelley Ginn says

    Can this only be done through a church account. I would like to do this on my own, as the curriculum researcher for our small group. Since our small group has members from many area churches, we could share the information and books with their curriculum leaders as well, but it would only be fair to bear the cost, as it would mainly be to our benefit.

  2. Marissa Currier says

    Hi! I meet with a wonderful and dedicated group of ladies every Tuesday morning at 11 am. We have been a solid group for almost 5 years, reading and learning together. This is such a neat giveaway and our group would be so grateful to be gifted one! We just finished Beth Moore’s “James: Mercy Triumphs”. What a blessing!!!

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