Jonathan Merritt, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Trevin Wax – The future of Evangelicalism

Ed hosted Jonathan Merritt, Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Trevin Wax in studio for a forward-looking conversation about evangelicalism, the changing American culture and how these issues are impacting the church.

Small Group Discipleship: Michael Kelley and Trevin Wax

Guest host Philip Nation interviews Michael Kelley and Trevin Wax about small group discipleship.

ND Wilson on Christianity and the Arts

ND Wilson and Trevin Wax discuss the relationship between Christianity and the arts (particularly as it relates to writing).

The Story of Scripture

Guest host Phillip Nation interviews guests Trevin Wax ( and and Dr. George Guthrie (author of Read the Bible for Life) about Scripture as narrative.

Trevin Wax and The Gospel Project

Author, blogger, and editor of The Gospel Project, Trevin Wax, joins Ed Stetzer for this episode of The Exchange.