Tim Clinton

Dr. Tim Clinton, president of American Association of Christian Counselors, met with Ed Stetzer to discuss the important topic of mental illness and the church.

Jeff Iorg

Seminary president, author and leader Dr. Jeff Iorg joined Ed Stetzer in studio to discuss church leadership, raising up leaders and younger leaders, along with his book Seasons of a Leader’s Life.

KP Yohannan – Gospel for Asia

Well-known author and founder of Gospel for Asia ministry, Dr. KP Yohannan hosted Ed Stetzer at their headquarters in Dallas for a discussion on the western perspective of world missions and leadership.

KP is the author of more than 200 books, most notably for Revolution in World Missions, with more than three million copies in print.

The role of witch doctors in South Africa

Ed Stetzer is on-location in South Africa for this special commentary about witch doctors and syncretism with International Mission Board missionary Alan Locke.

Ministering in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Ministry leaders from South Africa and Zimbabwe joined the host of The Exchange, Ed Stetzer, to discuss ministering in post-Apartheid South Africa, what will likely happen after the death of Nelson Mandela, new ministry efforts in Zimbabwe, and the rise of an agricultural ministry.