Missionaries needed in South Africa

While in South Africa, Ed spoke with ministry worker Alan Locke who issued a call for volunteer teams to come help serve in real-world ministry in a squatter village on the outskirts of Soweto.

Short-term mission teams

Larry McCrary speaks with a South African ministry worker about what individuals on short-term missions team need in order to contribute.

Culture, history and ministry in Soweto

Ed Stetzer talks about the culture, history and ministry taking place in Soweto, South Africa. Soweto is a moniker for “Southwest Township” near Johannesburg. While in South Africa, Ed visited the Door of Hope ministry. He also spoke with Alan Locke about the role of witch doctors in South African society. Church and ministry leaders from South […]

The role of witch doctors in South Africa

Ed Stetzer is on-location in South Africa for this special commentary about witch doctors and syncretism with International Mission Board missionary Alan Locke.

Ministering in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Ministry leaders from South Africa and Zimbabwe joined the host of The Exchange, Ed Stetzer, to discuss ministering in post-Apartheid South Africa, what will likely happen after the death of Nelson Mandela, new ministry efforts in Zimbabwe, and the rise of an agricultural ministry.