Christianity and American Politics–The Exchange Podcast #132

On this podcast of The Exchange, Cohost Micah Fries welcomes Dr. Bruce Ashford, the Provost and a professor at Southeastern Seminary, to discuss how to apply Christianity to politics and how to choose the next president of the United States.

Dr. Bruce Ashford–A Christian Hope for American Politics

On this episode of The Exchange, Provost and Professor at Southeastern Seminary, Dr. Bruce Ashford, discusses how to apply Christianity to politics from his latest book, One Nation Under God with cohost Micah Fries.

Miracles, Politics and Religious Liberty with Eric Metaxas

On this episode of The Exchange, New York Times Bestselling Author, Eric Metaxas, joins Ed Stetzer to discuss religion’s role in and Christian engagement with American politics. Eric Metaxas is also the host of the Eric Metaxas Show, which airs Monday-Friday from 2-4 p.m., Eastern on hundreds of nation wide. Find your local station or stream online at

Kurds, Immigration and Faith of Presidential Candidates – Stephen Mansfield

This week on The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, Stephen Mansfield, New York Times bestselling author joins us to talk about the situation in the Middle East, immigration, and the religious beliefs of the 2016 presidential candidates. Also, Dr. Tony Evans, founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Lisa Harper, theological scholar and Bible teacher, and bad church signs.

Congressman Diane Black

This week on The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, Congressman Diane Black (R-Tenn.), discusses the morality of the pro-life position and policy approaches to ending abortion on demand. Also, Matt Chandler on Christian civility, and bad church signs.