Transformational Discipleship

Ed Stetzer, Eric Geiger and Philip Nation talk about Transformational Discipleship on this episode of The Exchange.

The Story of Scripture

Guest host Phillip Nation interviews guests Trevin Wax ( and and Dr. George Guthrie (author of Read the Bible for Life) about Scripture as narrative.

Suffering and the Christian Life

Guest host Philip Nation interviews Michael Kelley, LifeWay’s director of discipleship, about his book Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal.

Pete Wilson and Empty Promises

Guest host Philip Nation interviews Pete Wilson, pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tenn., about his book Empty Promises.

HCSB with Guest Host Philip Nation

Guest host Philip Nation leads a panel discussion with Jed Coppenger, Jim Baird, and Jeremy Howard about Bible translation philosophies and tips on sermon preparation.