Stephen Miller – Worship Leaders, Rock Stars and Christ-centered Music

This week on The Exchange with Ed Stetzer: Stephen Miller, author of Worship Leaders: We Are Not Rock Stars; founder of RootedNetwork; and recording artist. Also, hip-hop artist and Pastor Trip Lee on scriptural ambition, Rev. Thomas McKenzie with his favorite Christmas films and cartoons, and bad church signs.

Duncan Phillips – The Restart of the Newsboys

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, Duncan Phillips, the drummer for the Newsboys, talks with Ed about the band’s history, legacy, theology and future. Also, leadership training tips with Brad Lomenick, hip-hop artist Trip Lee on being scriptural ambition, and bad church signs.

Hip-hop & the Gospel with FLAME

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer: Hip-hop artist FLAME discusses the intersection of hip-hop, the gospel and Scripture along with his new album Royal Flush Movie review of The Remaining with Rev. Thomas McKenzie Training from Ministry Grid: Leadership consultant and Pastor Ron Edmondson Bad Church Signs Name That Theologian Trivia

Andrew Peterson

Guest host Philip Nation interviews author and musician Andrew Peterson.

Carlos Whittaker on Social Media, Music, and Blogging

Philip Nation talks to Carlos Whittaker about blogging, social media, and ministry.