DA Horton

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, D.A. Horton, church planter, pastor and author. Also leadership training tips with Brad Lomenick, hip-hop artist Trip Lee on scriptural ambition, and bad church signs.

Jim Daly – Engaging Culture with Compassion

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, talks about compassion and changing our tone in a changing culture. Also, training from Former NFL player and Pastor Derwin Gray on vision building, Eric Geiger on why small groups matter, and bad church signs.

Hip-hop & the Gospel with FLAME

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer: Hip-hop artist FLAME discusses the intersection of hip-hop, the gospel and Scripture along with his new album Royal Flush Movie review of The Remaining with Rev. Thomas McKenzie Training from Ministry Grid: Leadership consultant and Pastor Ron Edmondson Bad Church Signs Name That Theologian Trivia

Jonathan Merritt, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Trevin Wax – The future of Evangelicalism

Ed hosted Jonathan Merritt, Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Trevin Wax in studio for a forward-looking conversation about evangelicalism, the changing American culture and how these issues are impacting the church.

Culture, history and ministry in Soweto

Ed Stetzer talks about the culture, history and ministry taking place in Soweto, South Africa. Soweto is a moniker for “Southwest Township” near Johannesburg. While in South Africa, Ed visited the Door of Hope ministry. He also spoke with Alan Locke about the role of witch doctors in South African society. Church and ministry leaders from South […]