Tim Keller and Contextualization: The Exchange Podcast

Ed Stetzer talks to Dr. Tim Keller about the gospel, contextualization, and his book, Center Church.

Christine Hoover and Kathy Litton

Author, blogger and church planter’s wife, Christine Hoover, along with Kathy Ferguson Litton, NAMB’s National Consultant for Ministry Wives joined Ed Stetzer to explore the experiences and challenges of being a church leader’s wife.

Darrin Patrick

Ed Stetzer interviews St. Louis pastor Darrin Patrick, author of Church Planter and coauthor of For the City.

Todd Adkins on Multisite Churches and Leadership

Ed Stetzer and Todd Adkins discuss leadership, multisite churches, and church planting.

Are You a Church Planter?

Ed Stetzer discusses what it takes to be a church planter on this episode of The Exchange.