Kay Warren – Mental Illness and the Church

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer:

  • Best-selling author and ministry leader Kay Warren joins Ed from the first Peace of Mind conference in Tyler, Texas, to share her experience with suicide, mental illness and the church’s responseChoose Joy Kay Warren
  • Movie review of The Giver with Rev. Thomas McKenzie
  • Training from Ministry Grid: Small Group expert and church consultant Steve Gladen
  • Bad Church Signs


  1. Thank you Kay Warren! This is something that even my church struggles with. My pastor has depression, and although he has seen a counselor for it, still rarely mentions it in sermons. I don’t understand why there is so much stigma attached to it and why the church doesn’t discuss it more. His sister’s husband commited suicide and their children still don’t know it or what was truly happening in his life. His son(pastor’s sister’s husband) is acting out (14) now because all he thinks is, look at my dad, he was a deacon and was leading a Godly life and he committed suicide. His parents were split up at the time and he blames his mom. My husband and I are taking Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Social work classes in college right now, partially to help me understand my own Mental Health Issues. We believe(and the bible says) that if you are open and honest about yourself, then it can’t hold power over you. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your sons struggles, so openly. God Bless You!

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