Frank Newport and the Rise of the Nones

On this episode of The Exchange, Ed Stetzer interviews Gallup’s Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport via Skype about the rise of the religious “nones.”

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God Is Alive and Well – Frank Newport

God-Is-Alive-and-WellThe foundation for God Is Alive and Well is the perspective of science — analyzing what people think, do, and believe about religion. Frank Newport’s distinction as a well-known social scientist and authority on American life, his media experience, and his unique personal history as the son of a Southern Baptist theologian will increase this book’s sales potential.

God Is Alive and Well is based in large part on more than a million interviews Gallup has conducted in recent years — interviews that asked Americans about their religion, their religious beliefs, and their religious behavior. The resulting data provide an unparalleled and unprecedented database of information about Americans and their religions.

Written for lay readers using a conversational tone, God Is Alive and Well presents new information with an entertaining style.

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