Getting Financially Fit by William Summey

My wife and I launched into the new year with a renewed effort to get organized and also updated technologically with our budget. We started searching for new apps and soon landed on the Crown Financial site. I had purchased their Money Map software several years ago and was pleased to see that they had a new online Mvelopes tool for online envelope budgeting. We began their free trial and knew this was for us. We entered in our account information, income, set up a budget, and funded envelopes according to that budget. We have access through the Mvelopes app to record every purchase wherever we are to keep track of our monthly spending. We love it!

It is easy to get started but comes with many tools to help. There are great videos about managing your money and a helpful debt center. There is even opportunity to sign up for personal coaching for advice and your personal questions. We wholeheartedly recommend Mvelopes to everyone!

Check out Crown’s site for their great financial information and resources from a Christian perspective and Mvelopes in particular for their great money management app.

What are some other apps you have found helpful to manage your money?

Merry Christmas! by William Summey

The Christmas season is upon us with all that entails: decorating, exams, church programs, holiday parties, shopping, family time, travel, delicious meals, and most importantly celebrating the birth of Jesus. I always lament how quickly the holidays pass each year because of how busy we are.

Join me in being intentional this year. Don’t be afraid to prioritize, cut back, say no, and plan wisely so that you can do the most important things as a family and not just those things that seem urgent at the moment. The time with our children truly flies by.

We hope you enjoy the December issue of ParentLife and all the content we’re able to share here on the blog. Above all, the team at ParentLife wants to wish you and your family a merry Christmas!

Peace in the Midst of Parenting by William Summey


Do you ever just need a break? Boy, I sure do, and I can tell I have passed it down to my kids. Christopher, always inquisitive, commonly asks, “How long until Spring Break? How long until Easter? How long until the end of the school year?” He wants to get those breaks all straight in his head! I must admit, he learned all of that from me!

Breaks are so nice. They reorient our thinking, helping us get a fresh start and perspective. Christians can find real rest in God, no matter where we are, even with the world around us descending into chaos. If you work in the business world, you know there is turnover and change. If you think of time with your kids, you know that chaos can break out any minute (usually right after you clean up or get to sleep)!

As parents, we all need time to rest in God. He helps us gain perspective on what is truly important in life. Being centered in Him helps us be better parents.

So next time Jonathan tells me, “Dad, I have a test today and forgot to study” or Christopher says, “Dad, I forgot that this is wear-my-favorite-shirt day, and my favorite shirt is dirty,” I will try to remember to rest in God.

The challenge is to find that peace in the midst of chaos. That’s why God’s supernatural strength and peace is a must for Christians to depend upon. I think of the passage: “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. … you will find rest for yourselves” (Matthew 11:28-29). What helps you put life in perspective? Let us hear from you!

Parenting by grace,

William Summey