Christian Valentines


Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. Despite my indifference toward the Hallmark holiday, my kids ADORE it. (Balance Time Day, according to my daughter at 2 years old.) I like to use their infatuation as a tool to reinforce the gigantic love of God – and help them pass it on to their little friends.

Here are some Christian Valentines ideas!

christian valentines


These beautiful cards are downloadable from Etsy so you can print as many as you want once you buy the file.



Sweet, free printable Valentines from Link goes directly to the printable PDF.



I am IN LOVE with these little Valentines from Etsy seller Cherry Berry Design. You can download them for $6 and print on cardstock.


Take inspiration from Grace Elizabeth’s and make your own beautiful cards with Scripture.


These lovely printable hearts with Scripture from 1 Corinthians are free and gorgeous! What a beautiful little gift for your spouse.

How do you emphasize God’s love on Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Church by Christi McGuire

Valentines Heart Bag & Packaging
source: Premier Packaging

Want to help the families in your church celebrate Valentine’s Day next week? Here are a few ideas.

  • Youth Childcare Night. The youth group can utilize the church’s nursery, preschool, and children’s ministry rooms to host a night of babysitting. For a minimal fee, couples can drop off their children to enjoy activities planned by the youth group and youth leaders and then enjoy a date night together. Proceeds can go to the youth department for missions or outreach events.
  • Spaghetti Dinner. The youth can host a dinner at church for couples of all ages, complete with performances by the youth. The youth can showcase their talents, whether singing, playing an instrument, or creative dancing, to popular love songs. Couples can engage in a game of “Valentine’s Trivia,” a game of the history and facts about Valentine’s Day. The youth group can plan this event as a fundraiser or as a thank you to the church for supporting them throughout the year.
  • Grandparents and Grandchildren Party. Host a party for proud grandparents to bring their grandchildren. Activities may include checkers, hula hoop, making Valentine Cards, a scavenger hunt, and an ice cream sundae buffet.
  • Newlywed Game. Give the spouses of staff members a questionnaire about themselves with 10 questions about their favorite food, hobby, Bible verse, movie, and so forth. Either at a church-wide Valentine banquet or during the Sunday worship service, ask the staff members the questions about their spouses. See who gets the most questions correct!
  • Marriage Memories. Choose a few of the couples in the church who have been married the longest. On the Sundays leading up to February 14, ask one couple to share each week during the worship service the stories of how they met, how they got engaged, how God has worked in their marriage, and advice for younger couples. Share a slideshow of pictures of each couple and play their favorite love song.
  • Love Bible Study. During February, engage the entire church in a study of what God says about love in the Bible. Preschoolers and children can learn that God is love and He wants them to love others. Youth can learn about God’s plan for purity. Adults can study the book of Song of Solomon. End with a commitment ceremony that includes teenagers and singles committing to remaining pure until marriage and married couples committing to remaining faithful to one another.

What has your church done to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the past?