Cure the Summertime Blues at the Library by Darla Brantley

Going along with our reading theme from yesterday, here are some tips from Darla Brantley on beating boredom at the library. – Jessie

Summertime blues? Head to your local library. Here are some interesting ways to cure boredom and maybe sneak in some educational opportunities.

Courtright Memorial Library  

Pick a theme. Have everyone check out books about animals. Read mysteries together. For giggles, check out only humorous books such as joke books, cartoon books, or books with silly rhymes or stories.
Read your favorite author. Re-read an old favorite or look for new releases.
Pick a letter of the alphabet and check out book titles that start with the chosen letter.
Try a non-fiction day. Check out biographies of favorite celebrities or historical figures. Check out magazines with informative articles about everything from cooking to rock climbing.
Have an information hunt using reference materials such as encyclopedias, the Internet, or old newspapers. Look up information about each family member’s birth year. Find out how you favorite snack was created. Discover how hurricanes are formed.
Check out videos. Look for favorite movie releases or documentaries about historical topics.
Read a friend’s favorite. Find out what authors are treasured by your friends. You may discover a new favorite writer.
Ask the librarian for recommendations. She will know which topics and titles are currently popular.
Read the classics. These books are timeless for a reason. If your children are younger, consider reading to them from any available abridged titles.
Check out a book of plays. Pick a production, assign roles to each family member, and “act” out the entire script at home. If you don’t have enough family members, favorite dolls, toys, or action figures can fill in!
Do not forget your church library. Be sure to look for books about your favorite biblical figures or topics that teach your family more about Jesus.

Darla Brantley lives in Winfield, Alabama where she works as a special education aide and has the summers off. She visits her city and church libraries often with her husband, son, and daughter.

Have you discovered any amazing reads lately for your kids? My daughter (3 in October) is currently obsessed with Miss Fannie’s Hat and How to Be a Baby. She loves coming home with a big stack of books from the library! – Jessie

Photo used with permission of Flickr Creative Commons. Click on photo for source.