We’ve Got a Job to Do!

In the July 2009 ParentLife editorial I wrote about a chapel service I attended this year. Ms. Ford led her first graders in a program about sharing the good news. Over and over again, these adorable first graders repeated, "We’ve got a job to do!"

This service made me wonder how we do — together as families — sharing the gospel or participating in service projects that communicate God’s love to others. Sometimes when we are so busy that we struggle to spend time together having family devotions, it is difficult to take the next step and plan those service projects together. But it is well worth the effort!

fom_logo_featured.jpgOur church holds a weekly summer Kidz Club in a local apartment complex that we have participated in with our boys. They see the reason we are there is to love those kids and tell them about Jesus. Service spurs a greater understanding how we are all responsible for carrying the good news of Jesus to others.

If you are looking for a longer time of service for your family, the North American Mission Board has several family mission trips available in their Families on Mission program. These trips are designed for the entire family to participate together. There are two more trips this summer. Find out details here.

What are ways that you witness and serve others as a family? Are there specific ways you tell others about Jesus over the summer months? We would love to hear your thoughts!