Spice It Up! by Beth Bence Reinke

source: tomcochrane

When your child helps you cook, she probably loves to measure and pour ingredients, especially from all the fun little bottles in your spice rack. Not only do spices make foods taste scrumptious, they’re loaded with health-promoting antioxidants. Studies show spices have amazing health benefits. For instance, cinnamon may help control blood sugar. Ginger soothes tummy troubles. Turmeric, found alone or in curry powder, works against cancer and inflammation.

Scientific evidence shows spices can work together to fight carcinogens, so blending them together is even better.  Encourage your young chef to mix and match spices with different kinds of foods to create new flavor combinations. Go ahead, spice it up!

Want a recipe to make with your child? They can definitely help measure spices and mix components in this delicious Indian condiment, Pineapple Raita. (Serve with Indian Pork Kebabs, which have a lovely spice rub, too!)

How do you let your child help in the kitchen?

Beth Bence Reinke holds a Bachelor’s in biology & secondary education, a Master’s in nutrition, and is a registered dietitian. She writes articles about food, health and nutrition for magazines and websites such as ParentLife, Smart and CBN.com and is the wellness columnist for Living Light News, a Canadian newspaper. Overall, Beth has written 220+ articles and numerous devotionals for publication.