Our Big List of Snow Day Activities

Snow Day Activities

This week we had two “snow” days here in Chattanooga. We didn’t see any snowflakes, but it did get cold enough to ice over the roads and thus it’s probably best everyone was able to stay home.

The first day, my husband was home, and we just dawdled around. We played games, let the kids play with toys, watched TV. But by the end of the day my 7-year-old daughter was going crazy. She is not a very good homebody. I decided if we were going to survive day 2, we had to have a plan – especially since Daddy had to work (he teaches private school).

The kids and I came up with this big list of activities for us to do. No saying, “I’m bored!” They could just go to the list and pick a new activity! They loved this idea, and I think it’s something we’ll pull out for many at-home days. My kids are 7, 5, and 2, so these are more suited for younger kids, but you can brainstorm with your own children and see what you can come up with.

(No) Snow Day Fun

  • Have a pretend snowball fight (with socks or wadded-up paper)
  • Wear pajamas all day
  • Watch TV
  • Turn heat up, wear bathing suits, lay on towels, watch a beach movie, and drink smoothies
  • Play with play-dough
  • Draw and decorate a giant picture of a snowman (we used a piece of a cardboard box)
  • Tickle each other
  • Paint
  • Play with dry-erase books and crayons
  • Make believe
  • Dress up
  • Make cookies
  • Sleep in! (Every parent’s dream)
  • Build a “bouncy house” (put blankets and pillows all over the floor of a room and jump around on it)
  • Play with magnet people
  • Play with marble racer
  • Build train tracks
  • Take naps
  • Read
  • Be lazy on the couch
  • Play games – Spot It, Trouble, Uno Moo
  • Make something with cardboard boxes
  • Jump on the trampoline
  • Play with chalk blocks
  • Put on a show
  • Have a parade

Obviously, you won’t have all the same toys we have. I chose toys and games for our list that had been put away for awhile, so they were more exciting for the kids. But I hope this will give you some ideas for your next at-home snow (or no snow) day.