Facebook Profiling: Express Yourself!

Have you read Kelly Mize’s article "Parenting by the (Face) Book" in the January 2010 issue of ParentLife? If not, be sure not to miss it! She covers the ins and outs of social networking. 

Are you considering joining Facebook, but aren’t sure where to start? Consider the following tips.


  • The profile information section shows what people will see. Begin by filling out the info that will help people identify you — Basic, Education, Work, and Picture.
  • Having a profile picture makes it easier for friends to identify you, especially if you have a common name. Pictures, like other information on Facebook can be changed easily. Click on the photo icon at the bottom of your profile page to upload or change photos.
  • To edit your profile at any time, click on the “Edit Information” link at the upper right corner of your Basic Info or click on the “edit” icons on the upper right corner of each of your profile fields. Filling out your Education and Work Info is especially helpful since it enables your former classmates and co-workers to find you when they search.

What do you think about social networking? Do you participate? What are the benefits and disadvantages? Do you find it helpful as a parent?