10 Easy Tips for Getting a Great School Picture

The beginning of the school year means school picture time is probably drawing close again. Here are ten tips from Linda Russell, the CEO of Mugshots.

Johnny Compton - Vintage 1944 School Portrait

  1. Avoid hats. Photographers will often remove for the shoot and then the child is left with “hat head.”
  2. Parents should stay away. Children are more natural when no one is watching — that means you, Mom, peeking around the corner!
  3. Don’t practice poses with your child. Let the photographer unlock their natural expressions, not cheesy grins they’ve rehearsed for hours.
  4. For boys, the best bet is a collared shirt that compliments their eyes and hair. Small patterns or solids are best. Avoid words, superheroes, and pop culture images on T-shirts.
  5. Ironing your child’s collar in the morning will make a big difference in those head shots.
  6. For girls, avoid spaghetti straps. They tend to hang low and if it is chilly, the goose bumps on their arms show.
  7. A gap tooth or braces are beautiful. Let them shine. Don’t have kids keep their mouth closed — show off the smile!
  8. For eyeglasses, non-reflective lenses are best. Feel free to ask the photographer to shoot a photo with and without the glasses to see which you prefer.
  9. Schedule a haircut at least 10 days ahead of photo day.
  10. Ponytails are great with barrettes or hairpins to manage fly-aways.

Did you have a favorite or least favorite school picture? In my favorite, I’m wearing a pink sweater with cows and have a side ponytail, but I look happy! In my least favorite, I’m wearing a paisley-print dress and refusing to show my buck teeth. (See #7…) — Jessie (ParentLife Blog Guru)

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Tips to Make the Most of Student Smiles

Fall is here and usually that means time for school pictures! School picture day may last only a few minutes for most individual students, but the outcome can haunt them for a lifetime. Bad haircuts, clothing, or poses can become the stuff of family legend. However, it doesn’t have to end that way. SchoolPictures.com, an authority on taking classic student portraits, is sharing some advice this year with parents, students, and teachers to hopefully best prepare them for this rite of passage.

  1. Mark your calendar! You do not want to forget the date of your student’s pictures.
  2. A well-groomed child is the best start for a perfect photo.
  3. Do not try out any new haircuts, styles, or colors within two weeks before photos.
  4. Avoid wearing stripes or loud prints on clothing. Solid colors are a sure bet.
  5. Avoid clothes with printed slogans. They often get cropped out of the photo.
  6. A good night’s sleep keeps under-eye circles at bay.
  7. Select small accessories that don’t detract from the focus on your student.
  8. A spot of eye drop solution can help reduce eye redness.
  9. Avoid excessive sun exposure for a few days prior to picture day.
  10. Good posture will ensure kids look alert and at their best.
  11. Tell students to relax and let their own smile and personality come through!

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