Making Moving Fun

No matter how you look at it, moving is stressful, and including kids in the equation only adds to the chaos. With many many families looking into buying or selling a home due to the recent tax credit extension, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC sent ParentLife the following tips for making moving fun for the entire family.

  • 118_moving.jpgInclude your kids in the decision-making process. While obviously many of the major decisions should be left to the adults, allow your children to make smaller decisions, such as what color to paint their new bedroom. If they feel included, they’ll be more excited about the big move.
  • Take them on a field trip. Bring your kids to the local playground or ice cream store and let them see the fun side of their new neighborhood.
  • Pre-plan a new home soirée. Saying goodbye to friends can be difficult for parents and their children. Before the moving day, plan a gathering at your new home with pals from the old neighborhood. Having a date set in advance will help your child to see that just because the family is leaving behind a particular home does not mean they are leaving behind friends.  It will also motivate you to get your new home set up so that it’s ready to host company! 
  • Make a family wish list. Write a list of all of the things your child wants to do once the family is settled in the new home to give him or her activities to look forward to, and then check them off one by one.
  • Pack a treasure box. Give your children their own packing boxes to decorate however they would like and fill with their favorite things. Keep the box close by throughout the move. This way your child can be sure precious items will not be left behind.

Have you made a move with children? What helpful tips to you have to share with others?