10 Ways to Nurture Reading

In our May 2010 issue of ParentLife, Dr. Rebecca Isbell gave you tips for nurturing a love for learning ("Raising a Reader, pp. 14-15).  Do you have a reluctant reader? If so, try these 10 tips for nurturing a love of reading … a vital part of learning.

  1. May_10_reading.jpgRead to and with your child every day.
  2. Find books that match your child’s interests.
  3. Visit a library regularly and let your child choose the books.
  4. Support your child’s beginning reading efforts.
  5. Let your child see you reading.
  6. Listen to children’s books on tape.
  7. Expose your child to a variety of reading materials — magazines, newspapers, joke books, informational/reference books, postcards, and letters.
  8. Find time to read together as a family.
  9. Value books and learn to take care of them.
  10. Read favorite books and stories again and again.

Does your child love to read? What are some of your family’s favorite books?