Christian Parenting DVD Series

As we gear up for fall – in school and at church – maybe your church is looking for a study to help its members be better parents. Or maybe you and your spouse are simply looking for something to study at home. (Or just you! Single parents, military spouses … we all need help.)

Here are some great studies to help you in your endeavors.


The Parent Adventure is a study from Rodney and Selma Wilson. Selma Wilson is the current president of B&H Publishing Group and has been married to Rodney for 37 years. They have two grown daughters.

This 7-session study helps encourage parents to guide their children in the spiritual disciplines, seeing their role in their children’s lives as a great adventure. It offers biblical guidance for all stages of parenting.

5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son and 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter  are Vicki Courtney’s responses to our changing culture and come from experience raising a daughter and two sons in recent years. These studies are well-suited for parents of teens and tweens, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the difficult questions you’ll have to face while raising kids.



Raising Boys and Girls helps parents, teachers, grandparents, and other caregivers explore the differences between the sexes. Helps adults focus on being Christian role models for those in their care. This study is six sessions with 30-minute teaching videos.


Have you done any great parenting studies you’d like to share with us?

Resources for Parents from Jennifer Holt

To go along with Jennifer Holt’s article on being a social butterfly in the January issue, here are some extra resources for parents.



New Year’s Organization with Neat Digital Filing

Tech expert or not, Neat’s Digital Filing System is easy to use. Neat provides users with the unique ability to acquire, organize, access, and activate their information by using one simple platform. Using Neat’s software, information from documents is identified and extracted to create a keyword searchable database. Users can also generate reports, create contact databases, and manage documents quickly and easily.

  • Free up some space in the office by eliminating those paper piles. Archive important information such as medical, insurance, and tax documents in order to access any piece of information directly from your mobile device and easily share through NeatCloud with an accountant or lawyer.
  • Capture information immediately with NeatMobile by scanning receipts or business cards directly into your Neat account and with the help of NeatCloud create expense reports directly from your mobile device.
  • Clear clutter in the glove compartment of your car by scanning automobile information such as: warranties, insurance documents, maintenance receipts, etc. and using NeatMobile, access whatever you need from anytime, anywhere.
  • De-clutter your kitchen by creating a digital recipe box. Scan favorite magazine clippings, family recipes, or even import recipes from favorite websites and search by ingredient or dish for quick access
  • Clear some space on your fridge by digitizing children’s artwork or report cards in order to make room for more. NeatCloud will allow you to share these precious memories and proud moments with a family member or spouse.

Neat has systems for MACs and PCs. Check out for more information.

Could you use a little digital organization? I know I could!

Friday Links

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We also wanted to share a product that got left out of our print magazine!

Dads to be can attend baby showers or visit the hospital nursery in style with Daddy Gear. Each piece of apparel features the phrase “I’m the Daddy.” The soon-to-be dad at your house will love a baseball cap, T-shirt, hoodie, or even a pair of DaddyScrubs, the company’s signature gift. Check out the entire line at

ParentLife Online will be on Christmas vacation next week. Have a wonderful holiday!

“Pink” Products for October

While all the products might not actually be pink, the partnerships between manufacturers and breast cancer researchers in October always makes me hopeful. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in the fight against breast cancer.

I especially love that Gerber NUK has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) this October. Breastfeeding lowers the risk for breast cancer (even in women where it runs in the family!), so I think this is an excellent match.

NUK is going to donate a portion of its sales from its entire breastfeeding line to NBCF through December 2012. This includes breast pads, breast pumps, milk storage bags, and other accessories.

This is one of my personal favorite breastfeeding products


Looking for other ways to support breast cancer research? Here are some fun pink products.

Infant splatter bib at ($8)

Nestly Nuzzles Pink Dog at GUND ($24)


Big Fish computer games ($2.99 and up)


Do you have any “pink” products that you love?

Cool Technology … for Parents by Christi McGuire

If you read “Cool Technology” in this month’s ParentLife, you discovered lots of apps and websites for your preschooler, school-age child, and preteen. But there’s a lot more for your family—and for parents, too! Check out these products, apps, and websites.



Leapster Explorer® by Leap Frog® ( allows your preschooler to engage in games and activities that help them build school skills, such as letter recognition, writing, reading, math, and more.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor: Sleep better knowing your little one is fast asleep, too. This monitor delivers one of the best visual images available. The camera allows you to zoom as well as pan vertically and horizontally almost 360 degrees. Available at

Kidz Gear ™ offers products and accessories that are child-sized but with high-quality performance. The award-winning line of Wired Headphones for Kids has “volume limiting technology” that brings a safe experience for children that limits maximum volume levels. Headphones are ergonomically designed with soft padded ear-cups. Priced economically for happier (and quieter) car trips! Available at


Wipolo: Explore the world with your friends! You can organize all your trip details in one spot—create itineraries, keep reservations, locate destinations, learn destination facts, write a travel journal, keep track of past trips, store pictures, and share it all with others.

Healthy Children: A comprehensive website powered by the American Academy of Pediatrics to support and educate parents about the physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, and teens.


SOS Rescue Me: Your child can feel safe anywhere when they are on their own. Download this app to your child’s phone, and if she feels threatened, she clicks the button. A preselected set of contacts will receive a text with your child’s current location. Cost: $.99. Available at iTunes.

Sit or Squat: It never fails–your little one has to potty when you’re out and about. This app helps you find the nearest public restroom. Cost: free. Available at

 S.O.S.: An app by the American Red Cross helps you know how to handle emergency situations, like CPR, before first responders arrive. Cost: free. Available at

Instant Playdates: Plan playdates to your Facebook friends. Cost: free. Available for Android and iPhone. Available at

Mom Maps: Find family fun places and kid-friendly locations, such as parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and indoor play spaces in your area—including a map to get there. Cost: free. Available at

Holiday Gift List:  Manage everyone’s Christmas or birthday wishes and tally your spending. Cost: $1.99. Available at iTunes.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Still looking for a few last-minute gifts to put under the tree Friday night? Here are a few products that we couldn’t squeeze into our December gift guide but that we recommend!

Time’s Up Time Out Bear (, $25)
How long until I eat? When do I have to stop playing? When does Mommy come home? This unique teddy with a mechanical timer in his tummy will help preschoolers develop time sense. He is also handy as a TV or video game time monitor. (Kids can play until he dings.)

Marshmallow Blower (, $8)
This gadget is good for soft, safe, and somewhat rambunctious play. Mom or Dad supplies the mini marshmallows which load into the barrel with a turn handle; kids supply the lung power to poof them toward parental-approved targets.

Traverse® 20th Anniversary Edition (, $25)
A chess-meets-checkers hybrid, Traverse requires players to move their geometric pieces from one side of the gameboard to the other. Easy, right? Not when each shape is limited in its direction or means of movement, and not when opponents use the same strategies to block moves.

What’s the most innovative gift you’re giving this year?

Important Safety Information

Every month in our "Today’s Life" department, Joy Fisher does her best to bring you some of the best, practical, fun product ideas for children and parents.


One of the product ideas in the February 2010 issue of ParentLife is Mag-Tagz™, a line of magnetic necklaces! After the February issue went to the printer, we discovered that Mag-Tagz were not an age-appropriate choice for the children of our audience.

The following disclaimer can be found on the Mag-Tagz™ Web site:

Warning: Mag-tagz Magnetic Beads are not a toy and not intended for children under the age of 13. This jewelry product contains magnets or magnetic components. Magnets sticking together or becoming attached to a metallic object inside the human body can cause serious or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical help if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Do not use as a nose ring as this would increase the chances of accidental inhalation.

The ParentLife staff apologizes for not catching this sooner!

Calafant Toys — Fun and Eco-friendly!


Looking for a great goodie bag gift for your child’s party? Or a fun activity that also is eco-friendly? Check out the small Calafant kits that let kids build and decorate their own toy — dinosaurs, houses, race cars, steamers, fire trucks, and more. Each toy is easy to build and comes with 6 high-quality markers. It’s a wonderful party activity, and children get to play with their very own toy at the party and take it home.

DSC05627_Colins_Dino_web-150x112.jpgAll Calafant toys are made from recycled cardboard, and they are, of course, biodegradable. Parents can choose either just one style depending on the theme of the party (i.e. for a dinosaur party, every child gets a dinosaur) or mix and match nine different styles.

Visit to see these eco-friendly treasures. These sell for $6.99 for one toy or $53 for the party pack including 9 toys. Available at and select retailers listed on the Web site. All toys are lead-free, non-toxic and safe for play.

Do you have some great toys that you would recommend? Share with us and other parents by posting!

Spot Me ID

Spot Me ID Logo.jpgFamily outings and travel can be fun and exciting. However, if a child becomes lost, it can quickly turn into a scary experience. According to the Center to Prevent Lost Children, 90 percent of families report losing a child in a public place. 

The Spot Me ID child identification products are a real vacation "must have" for parents and children. Spot Me ID gives families the added reassurance that they are only a phone call away should they become separated in a crowded place.

Created by a mom of three after she experienced being separated from her child while on vacation in a crowded place, Spot Me ID includes bracelets, lanyards, and temporary tattoos featuring Spot, the dog, who reminds kids that they can rely on Spot to keep their parent’s cell phone number with them at all times.

Each Spot Me ID product is resistant to water, sunscreen, chlorine, perspiration and are reusable. The tattoos are also non-toxic, FDA approved, and water-proof. The products have various themes that reflect outings, such as the beach series, zoo series, everyday, and others.

Spot Me ID products are suitable for children ages 1 to 10. The cartoonish bracelets and lanyards feature an animated dog named Spot, who winks, wags his tail, and waves. The temporary tattoos depict a Spot the dog with an area to write in a cell phone number and parent’s name. They are non-toxic, FDA approved, and will last days even when wet.

For more information, visit