That Perfect Christmas Card!

christmas-alotlikechristmas.jpgLooking for the perfect Christmas card? I know every year our family pours a lot of time and attention to choosing the photos that we want on our annual Christmas card. I know many of you have trouble making the same choice! Check out these tips from the leading online photo greeting card company

  1. Use humor. Humor opens hearts and lets friends and relatives see the fun side of your life.
  2. Bring captions into play. Captions help loved ones know the details of the performance, vacation, or special event each photo is from. Keep captions short and sincere.
  3. Select a photo with special sentimental value. Don’t worry about the finding the photo where everyone looks “perfect.”
  4. Simplify. Use only 1 – 3 photos. Too many photos dilute the impact of the card.
  5. Juxtapose past & current photos. This highlights the growth of your family.

Do you have a Christmas card ready to go? Share with us your tips for preparing the perfect family card.