Celebrate Valentine’s Day with ParentLife

This blog has been around for quite some time, and we have a great backlog of Valentine’s Day posts. If you’re new around here, I wanted to share some of these wonderful older posts.

Valentine's Day Cards
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10 Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day (2014)

Are you stuck at home in this snow? Our roads are actually not bad in Chattanooga, but it’s still a little gross outside and schools are canceled. Two of my kids and I were supposed to go to Atlanta to visit friends for Valentine’s Day, and I am bummed our plans have to be changed! But such is life …

5 Valentines with Scripture (2014)

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. Despite my indifference toward the Hallmark holiday, my kids ADORE it. (Balance Time Day, according to my daughter at 2 years old.) I like to use their infatuation as a tool to reinforce the gigantic love of God – and help them pass it on to their little friends …

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Church by Christi McGuire (2013)

Want to help the families in your church celebrate Valentine’s Day next week? Here are a few ideas …

Ways to Show Love to Your Kids Every Day (2013)

With Valentine’s Day behind us, sometimes we can forget about showing love to our kids on a daily basis in tangible ways. Here are some easy ways to do that! …

The Importance of Modeling (2012)

Need a weekly nudge in your efforts to be the kind of dad your kids need? Here’s what worked for one dad. …

A Healthy Heart (2009)

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better time than Valentine’s Day to think about heart health? Do you need to make any lifestyle changes? …


February 2011: ParentLife Everyday

Each month ParentLife pulls together a one-page document for preschool and children’s leaders and teachers that highlights articles that might help families they work with. But this also is a great tool for parents!

The articles below are in our current February 2011 issue of ParentLife. Read the articles that minister to your family and pass along a copy to those who might benefit from it!



A Joyful Attitude: Equip parents in your church to teach their children not just respectful obedience but joyful obedience with three practical steps (pp. 14-15).

Kids with Connections: Encourage families to build healthy, positive relationships within their families, church, and community (pp. 22-23).

A Hope and a Future: Walk alongside families who have children with autism or other special needs. Remind them of the hope God promises (pp. 28-31).

Have a Church Preschool? Pass ParentLife along to parents on the lookout for a great preschool! And help make your preschool attractive to parents who are searching (pp. 12-13).

Growing Godly Girls: Give both moms and dads this section of articles focused on daughters this month in ParentLife (pp. 34-36).

A Great Christian Camp Experience: Learn more about CentriKid camps and why this summer experience could revitalize your children’s ministry (pp. 16-17).

100% – The number of kids in your home and church who will learn about love from their parents and adult leaders. Show them God’s love this Valentine’s Day!

For a downloadable PDF of this content, click on the link below:

ParentLife EveryDay February 2011

Sneak Preview of Our New Design

For years you have trusted ParentLife as the go-to source for Christian parenting advice for families with preschoolers and children. Now the ParentLife team is excited to announce a new and improved ParentLife launching in March. And you can glimpse a preview of the new design today!

Check out our fresh, new March 2011 cover! Featuring a new logo, each cover will feature a moment-caught-in-time photo, real kids in real life moments. We hope each cover will make you smile and draw you inside for more.

March2011_ParentLife_Cover_Small.jpgWe have expanded our long-time favorite "Growth Spurts" section, now including information for expectant parents. Each “Growth Spurt” offers the best developmental advice for the whole child and a ParentLife best product recommendation.

"A Life of Worship," ParentLife’s family worship and devotion department, now moves to the center spread of the magazine so it easily can be pulled out and hung on the refrigerator or somewhere visible in your home. It includes family worship time plans (based on the LifeSpan concept Hear-Know-Do that ties in with Sunday School) as well as a calendar with extra on-the-go, everyday, worship times for families to use throughout the month.

We are continuing our monthly departments "Real Life Solutions" with Dr. Linda Mintle, "Mom’s Life" with new columnist Angie Smith, and "Dad’s Life" with Carey Casey.

We are committed to partnering with parents churches to provide the latest cutting-edge information that you need as you seek to raise your children to the glory of God.

Tell us what you think of the new design!

Merry Christmas … From the ParentLife Family to Yours!


The Advent Season

Has your family enjoyed the Thanksgiving books mentioned in the November 2009 issue of ParentLife? If so, we have even more recommendations for you!

Sunday, November 29th marks the official beginning of the Advent season. Celebrating Advent is one great way to prepare your family for the Christmas season. Be sure to check out these books related to Advent.


Jotham’s Journey by Arnold Ytreeide (Kregel, 2008) 

AdventBook.jpg The ADVENTure of Christmas by Lisa Whelchel (Multnomah, 2004) 


The Advent Book by Jack and Kathy Stockman (Crossway Books, 2005)


Does your family celebrate Advent? If so, tell us about your Advent traditions?

The Only-Child Debate

I am extremely blessed to have this job as Content Editor of ParentLife. It is a great benefit to my parenting. Every day I get to read and research about how to be a better parent. (But trust me … that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing all the time!)

Every now and then there is an article our team works on that hits closer to home than others for me. Jennifer Holt’s "Dispelling the Myths: Raising an Only Child" in the September 2009 issue is definitely one of those articles. Jennifer discusses and dispels four assumptions people generally have about only children (such as — Only children are bossy and spoiled).

79a_JackClimbing.jpgMy husband and I currently are in the midst of the only-child debate. We have one little boy, 14-month-old Jack. We’ve always talked about wanting to have two children, but the end of my pregnancy and Jack’s delivery involved several complications that could recur with another pregnancy. All of this makes us wonder if we are willing to take the risk of having another baby. So when we come across parents that have raised only children, we have lots of questions for them. Is it hard to entertain an only child to keep him from getting bored? Will he be spoiled rotten and therefore grow up being self-centered? Will it be hard to teach him how to interact with other children?

Of course, the answer to these questions is different for every family and every child. There are many factors that influence the way a child grows up — the temperament/personality of the child, the parenting style of the parents, and many other factors that cannot be controlled or predicted. That is why the most important thing we must do is to pray and seek God’s will for our family, whether that means have an only child or going on to have a house full of children. 

What about you? Are you raising an only child? If so, what are some of the unexpected benefits and disadvantages you have faced? Tell us about them and be sure not to miss Jennifer’s September 09 article!