New Year’s Organization with Neat Digital Filing

Tech expert or not, Neat’s Digital Filing System is easy to use. Neat provides users with the unique ability to acquire, organize, access, and activate their information by using one simple platform. Using Neat’s software, information from documents is identified and extracted to create a keyword searchable database. Users can also generate reports, create contact databases, and manage documents quickly and easily.

  • Free up some space in the office by eliminating those paper piles. Archive important information such as medical, insurance, and tax documents in order to access any piece of information directly from your mobile device and easily share through NeatCloud with an accountant or lawyer.
  • Capture information immediately with NeatMobile by scanning receipts or business cards directly into your Neat account and with the help of NeatCloud create expense reports directly from your mobile device.
  • Clear clutter in the glove compartment of your car by scanning automobile information such as: warranties, insurance documents, maintenance receipts, etc. and using NeatMobile, access whatever you need from anytime, anywhere.
  • De-clutter your kitchen by creating a digital recipe box. Scan favorite magazine clippings, family recipes, or even import recipes from favorite websites and search by ingredient or dish for quick access
  • Clear some space on your fridge by digitizing children’s artwork or report cards in order to make room for more. NeatCloud will allow you to share these precious memories and proud moments with a family member or spouse.

Neat has systems for MACs and PCs. Check out for more information.

Could you use a little digital organization? I know I could!

Controlling Clutter

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to keep your house cleaner or less cluttered? Maybe we can help!

writer Amber Peacock gave us the following tips for controlling clutter.

Avoiding and dealing with clutter is a challenge for most families. Try these great ideas for controlling clutter.

  • Before birthdays and holidays, make room for new things by getting rid of a few old things.
  • For birthdays and holidays, consider giving more experiences and less stuff. Passes to local children’s museums and parks are terrific gifts. Family friendly concerts, gift certificates to a skating rink, or passes to play miniature golf make memories instead of messes.
  • Instead of waiting for spring cleaning to sort through stuff, make decluttering a regular routine. Designate a box for donations and keep it in a convenient spot (like your child’s closet). Toss in outgrown clothes as you fold laundry instead of stuffing items back into dresser drawers. When the box is full, drop it off at a local charity.

Convenient Charity Drop-off Centers

Amber Peacock has masters’ degrees in Human Development/Family Studies and Education but learned how less can be more on the job as a stay-at-home mom of Seth (11), Melody (9), and Cara (5). She is the pastor’s wife at Broadus Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Leave us a comment and share some ways that your family controls clutter in your house.