Baby Movers by Joy Fisher

For our June 2011 issue, Joy Fisher wrote the article "Kids on the Move: Making Family Relocation Easier on Children" (p. 24). Here are some more tips from Joy on moving when you have younger children.

Our residential homeowner’s association held a block party not long ago. The realtor who helped us with the sale of our last home and the purchase of our current home lives a few streets away. Chatting with her at the picnic brought back memories of that moving process: we had a 2-year-old son and another baby on the way when we put our house on the market. When we finally moved (a whopping 3-mile trip), our second son was 3 months old.


"We're Moving!"



If you are parents of preschoolers and planning a move, try these tips for a smooth transition:

  • Pack the clutter. Selling a house where preschoolers live can be tricky. Potential buyers don’t really want to see your stroller parked in the entry hall and baby bottles covering every inch of kitchen counter space. When your house is on the market, pack away everything but the bare necessities. Recognize that there will be days when you will need to ask your realtor not to show the house so you can relax your housekeeping priorities for a few hours.
  • Be ready to go. Property showings can occur on a moment’s notice; keep some toys, books, and even snacks in the car for times when you must grab the kids and leave for an hour or so.
  • Hope for the best but plan for the worst on closing day. Signing all the papers at our closing took twice as long as we expected. The baby spit up on our realtor’s dry-clean-only suit, and we were all frazzled and grumpy by the time we were finally able to cap the pen and walk away. Don’t hesitate to ask for a break if you or your child needs it.
  • Enlist help for the actual move. Arrange for little ones to pass time with friends or family if at all possible. Surround your preschooler with a special blanket or lovey and other familiar comforts of home, and let him sleep in his crib or bed in the new digs as soon as possible after departure from your old home.
  • Keep routines. No doubt you will encounter logistical problems as you sell your home, pack, and move into a different home. Even if you feel exhausted and frustrated, try to keep your young child’s regular routines and interactions with you intact.
  • Trust God. Most of all, trust God to care and provide for your family as you relocate. Put finding a new church home at top of your must-do list if your move takes you away from your family of faith.

Do you have any tips for moving with preschoolers?

Joy Fisher and her husband David love the home where they have raised their three children for the past 8 years.

Photo used with permission of Flickr Creative Commons. Click on photo for source.