Mother’s Day Cards and Crafts

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching (it’s May 12!), you might want to guide your kids to make cards or small gifts for their moms and grandmothers. (Pssst, Dad, that means you.) Here are a few fun ideas to run with!

scrapbook paper flowers

These flowers are made from scrapbook paper. My daughter painted the paper (not necessary, just gave her something to do!); then we cut it into different-sized circles and layered them. Libbie (4) glued everything in place and drew the stems and leaves. You can use pom-poms, flat marbles, sequins, or buttons for the flower centers. We found the idea at Hands On As We Grow. These would be perfect to grace the front of a Mother’s Day card or to use as framed artwork for Mom or Grandma.

handprint art

No one will love your child’s artwork more than his or her grandparents. Hand and footprint crafts are especially sweet and preserve a memory of a specific time in your child’s life! I have a whole Pinterest board full of ideas for hand and footprint artwork. Make one on a painted canvas for Grandma!

These tulips painted with forks would be a fun and cute painting for the front of a card.

One last idea – how cute are these pool noodle flowers?

Dad’s Life with Carey Casey: The Importance of Modeling

Claire made me breakfast in bed!
source: escapist

Need a weekly nudge in your efforts to be the kind of dad your kids need? Here’s what worked for one dad.

Rick has two young children. He told me about some lessons he has learned, with help from the weekly e-mail. I think we can all probably learn something here.

Leading up to Mother’s Day one year, Rick’s wife was going out of town to visit her parents with their 2-year-old daughter and newborn son. So with her gone, Rick thought he was “off the hook.” He’d get her a card and give it to her when she came home.

Then he received our weekly e-mail. It suggested that he do something big to honor his bride and get the kids involved, because it’s important to set an example for them and show honor for the role of mothers.

When his family came home, he involved his 2-year-old daughter in choosing a special gift for Mom. Then, on the next Sunday, Rick and his daughter got up early and made a special breakfast together for their mom—including Eggs Benedict. It wasn’t the best-tasting meal, but his wife said it was the best Mother’s Day ever.

Another story from Rick reinforces the lesson: At Valentine’s Day last year, it was a busy time and he was planning to get a few simple gifts to bring home for his wife and his daughter. Once again, our weekly e-mail reminded him that he’s setting an important example—both in how he shows love to his wife and showing his daughter how she should expect to be treated by boys.

So Rick raised the bar. He made arrangements to take his daughter to a daddy-daughter dance. He dressed up and left the house so he could arrive at the appointed time to pick up his daughter for their date. He took her out to dinner and then they had a great time at the dance.

Dad, recognize that you’re always modeling behavior and character for your kids—whether you’re serving your wife, going to work, fixing something, or just hanging out. They’re always watching and learning from you, and like Rick shows us, it’s never too early to start.



Carey Casey is Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas City-based National Center for Fathering and author of the book Championship Fathering: How to Win at Being a Dad.

Through his work across the country, Casey has earned a reputation as a dynamic communicator, especially on the topic of men being good fathers. He’s known as a compassionate ambassador, particularly within the American sports community.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you are a mom, maybe your family needs some Mother’s Day gift hints! Or maybe you are a dad trying to figure out something new and creative this year for your wife!

Maybe you will be inspired by the following ideas!

  • BnBFinder.jpgA trip to a Bed and Breakfast. Every mom needs some time to relax and rejuvenate, and a great way to do that is to visit a bed and breakfast. Visit, to find a bed and breakfast package that is just right for Mom. 
  • Meals for Moms. In honor of your mom (or your wife) do something kind for a homebound senior mom. The Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) has just launched a new campaign called Meals for Moms to raise awareness of all the homebound senior moms facing the threat of hunger this Mother’s Day. You can send a free virtual bouquet of flowers to anyone (including a homebound senior mom) by visiting If someone selects that their bouquet go to a Meals On Wheels client, those e-cards will be printed out and distributed by Meals On Wheels programs, along with any special messages written by the card creators. 
  • A World Vision Gift. When it comes to Mom’s priorities, children’s needs come first.  What better way to honor Mom than by helping disadvantaged mothers provide for their children? World Vision Gift Catalog offers a variety of opportunities to assist mothers and their families in Haiti and around the world, by purchasing essential life-sustaining items. The World Vision Gift Catalog, located at, offers more than 100 poverty-fighting gifts ranging in price from $16 to $39,000 that can be purchased in the name of a mother, child, friend, or loved one.
  • JoAnn.jpgMake It and Take It. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores will host a free Make It-Take It event in every store across the country on Saturday, May 8th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Children will have the opportunity to make two projects – a “hand” made flower bouquet and a fingerprint card. While the kids are crafting their masterpieces for mom, dads can stroll the store to find many great gifts — sewing machines, scrapbooking albums, picture frames, yarn, and gift cards to name a few ideas. To find the location nearest you, log onto
  • LifeWayStores.jpgFor more great Mother’s Day Gift ideas, be sure to check LifeWay stores. Stop by and browse their catalog "Mom: One Day Is Not Enough." You’ll find great products like books, music, and home decor.


If you are a mom, what have some of your favorite Mother’s Day gifts been? If you are not a mom, what are some creative ways you have honored your mother on Mother’s Day? Share your ideas with us!

Honoring Mom

Every year it seems I hear that more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other holiday of the year. People are clamoring to get in touch with Mom and check in on Mother’s Day! And no wonder, considering how special Moms are!


At ParentLife, we think of Moms in every issue we produce. In the May 2009 issue of ParentLife, we feature the article "Mentors for Moms" about how Moms receive so many benefits from having a godly mentor. The author, Linda Anderson, is the founder of the Mom to Mom ministry and curriculum to help encourage Moms and provide mentoring. Check out the Mom to Mom curriculum here.

Together with my children, I look forward to celebrating my wife on Mother’s Day and making sure she has a special day. I also plan to call my Mom and telling her thank you for being such a great Mom.

How do you plan to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day?

An Unexpected Benefit of Motherhood


I am so excited! This Sunday, I will celebrate my first Mother’s Day as a mother. Not only do I get to show my mother (and mother-in-law) my gratitude and love, but I also will be honored as a mother. My little boy, Jack, is a gift from God, and I do not remember what life was like without him. He has changed my world!

Being a mother has had some unexpected effects on my personality. Suddenly, I have a newfound confidence. Don’t get me wrong. After almost 10 months of parenting, I am still very insecure in my parenting skills. Every day I wonder if I am doing things right and whether or not I am the best mother I can be. But other insecurities in my have been drastically reduced.

Those that know me well know that I tend to get stuck in a rut easily. I order the same food from the same restaurants. I fix my hair the same way every day and do not branch out much when it comes to fashion. I tend to worry a lot about what others think about my appearance and my personality. But for some strange reason, since Jack has been around, I am much more willing to try new things and I worry much less about what other people think. I find myself looking for restaurants I have never been to and ordering new things at my favorite restaurants. I am ready for a brave new hairstyle and to shop for a new wardrobe.

Some of this confidence definitely comes from God. The end of my pregnancy and Jack’s delivery were anything but easy. In fact, some complications made them downright scary, but God carried us through. My faith and trust in God have been deepend, making me more confident.

I also think the confidence comes from my new identity as a mother. I feel important and needed more then I ever have in my life. I have a stronger, more clear-cut purpose. I realize that so many of the things I worried about in the past were insignificant and silly. Now, I have something more important to focus on — my family.

What about you? How has parenthood changed you? Have you discovered any unexpected benefits of motherhood?