Mary Beth Chapman on Choosing to SEE

If you’ve picked up our January 2011 issue of ParentLife, I hope you were blessed as much as I was by the feature "Choosing to SEE" by Mary Beth Chapman. Back in November, I had the chance to sit down and talk one-on-one with Mary Beth to get the inside scoop on her book

Mary Beth Chapman on Choosing to SEE from ParentLife on Vimeo.

To hear about Mary Beth’s passion for adoption and to see how your family can get involved, go back and watch part 1 of my interview with Mary Beth

And … be on the lookout this May for the final piece of the interview … great encouragement for new moms! You won’t want to miss it!

Mary Beth Chapman on National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. I recently had the privilege to sit down and talk to Mary Beth Chapman about her family’s miracle of adoption. Mary Beth provided some practical ideas for ways that every family can support adoption! 

Mary Beth Chapman on National Adoption Awareness Month from ParentLife on Vimeo.

Don’t miss our January 2011 issue of ParentLife featuring Mary Beth. And … we’ll have even more insight from Mary Beth on the blog in the months to come. Stay tuned!

Does your family feel called to adopt? Tell us your story. If your family is not called to adopt, what are some ways that you have supported other families who are adopting?

The Chapmans Show Hope

005075230_2010-06_l.jpgMany of you have commented how you enjoyed seeing Steven Curtis Chapman and his family in the current issue of ParentLife. Please check out the lead feature on the Chapmans if you have not been able to yet! We wanted to update you on the Chapman’s latest venture this fall.

Show Hope presents Steven Curtis Chapman and his family embarking on a new journey together this fall as they venture out on a “A Night with the Chapmans.” The special family affair kicks off September 10 in Lancaster, Pennyslvania, and will hit 34 cities before ending on November 21 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The night of music and hope with the multi-platinum selling and award-winning artist will feature some of his most memorable hits from his two decades plus career. Songs to expect include “Live Out Loud,” “Cinderella,” and many more of his extensive catalog loved by all. Chapman will also bring back by popular demand his request time where attendees can ask that their song be added to the set via

"We’ve prayed for months that each evening of this tour be an opportunity to ponder important things, and to celebrate the hope we have in Jesus, the great hope I’m so thankful continues to carry us all," comments Chapman.

scaled_e1276488938.jpgAs a part of this very special season, Mary Beth Chapman will join her husband for the first time ever on the tour. “There are three things I told God I would never ever do: homeschool, adopt, and speak in public,” she says. “Well, we’ve already homeschooled, you know we’ve adopted, and now this fall I’ll be on stage speaking at Steven’s concerts." With a smile Mary Beth adds, "Now I’m telling God I will not go to Hawaii for three months."

Mary Beth will share her journey as reflected in her inaugural book, Choosing To See, available this September and co-written with Ellen Vaughn. Discussing her courtship and marriage to Chapman, struggles for emotional balance, and living with grief, she will open up about how she has wrestled with God even as she has allowed him to write her story–both during times of happiness and those of tragedy. Mary Beth’s transparent style will surprise audiences with the depth of her faith struggle and her hilarious sense of humor. Mary Beth and Steven will also proudly introduce audiences to the band Caleb, a new band featuring their sons Caleb and Will Franklin. 
Show Hope, the title sponsor of the tour, is a ministry founded by the Chapmans that enables individuals and communities to change the world for orphans by not only addressing a child’s need for food, shelter, care, and spiritual nourishment, but by also addressing the root issue for an orphan: the lack of a family.

About Show Hope:
 A ministry founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman to help care for the millions of orphans around the world, Show Hope helps to provide waiting orphans with forever families by giving financial grants to those adopting. To date, Show Hope is now an internationally recognized voice for orphan advocacy and has given over 2,300 financial grants, affecting the lives of children from 45 different countries, including the U.S. In addition to giving financial grants, Show Hope also empowers families, churches and communities with adoption and orphan care resources and advocacy efforts to change the world for orphans.
In the summer of 2009, Show Hope opened the doors to Maria’s Big House of Hope, a six-story healing home facility located in Luoyang, China, which provides surgeries and medical care for special needs orphans. The mission of this healing home is to provide the highest level of care for these orphans who are in desperate need of surgeries and medical attention, thus enabling the children to thrive and increase the orphans’ chances of being adopted.
For more information, please visit