Time for a Media Diet?


After a season filled with record-setting cell phone and gaming gifts to preteens, iShine is announcing the release of the Family Media Diet Calculator. The calculator is a new tool providing customized awareness to families in regards to how much time they spend connected to media in comparison to the amount of hours they spend plugged in with real life interaction and content consumption.

By visiting http://www.familymediadiet.com, parents nationwide will be able to plug in amounts of time their families spend texting, browsing online, consuming television, and more. They will then be able to print a free custom analysis of where their families are spending their time in comparison to their involvement in recreational and faith-based activities along with family time and reading. The campaign is not an anti-technology movement. It is about use awareness and being intentional about the content.  
MediaDiet2.jpg“We as parents must be deliberate of what media our kids consume, understanding that it is forming the way our kids look at everything – self image, friends, parents, leaders, themselves,” remarks iShine founder and Chief Creative Officer Robert Beeson. “If we as parents aren’t actively forming the person our kid’s are becoming – make no mistake – someone else is.”
iShine, known for bringing family-friendly media options through tours, music, television and radio mediums, is sponsoring the free Media Diet Calculator.


Robert Beeson, iShine, and Bible Express

If you read our July 2010 feature on single-dad Robert Beeson and your preteen is a fan of iShine, be sure not to miss the September 2010 issue of Bible Express!


Bible Express is a devotional magazine for preteens! In the September issue, Bible Express is featuring two bands from iShine Live tour — The Rubyz and Mission Six. If your preteen is a fan of these bands, you definitely won’t want to miss it! 


Also coming in September … Bible Express is becoming two magazines in one. Each issue will be a flipbook design where one side is specifically for boys and the other side is specifically for girls. Cover, articles, and devotions will be gender specific and relevant for today’s preteens! It will be awesome!

Does your church recieve Bible Express? Does your preteen use it? Tell us what you love about it … and your thoughts on the new format!