Along with the rest of the country, we grieve with the families of all the children and adults killed in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday.

We pass along these links in hope that they might help with grief.



Steven Curtis Chapman

June10PLCover.jpgYou may have noticed that Steven Curtis Chapman is on the June 2010 cover of ParentLife along with his daughters Shaohannah and Stevey Joy. We are so honored that Steven’s family took the time to talk with us about their journey of finding beauty in pain.

Many people became familiar with Steven Curtis Chapman when the family appeared on Good Morning America and Larry King Live after the tragedy of losing their 5-year-old daughter, Maria Sue. But Christian music fans have been well aware of Steven for more than 20 years. The Kentucky native is the most awarded artist in contemporary Christian music with more than 50 Dove Awards to his credit. He is responsible for such memorable songs as “I Will Be Here,” “The Great Adventure,” “For the Sake of the Call,” “Heaven in the Real World,” “Dive,” and “Live Out Loud.”

BeautyWillRise.jpgHis current album, Beauty Will Rise, was released November 3, 2009. The 12-song collection chronicles his family’s journey in the wake of losing Maria Sue. “[The title track ‘Beauty Will Rise’] expresses the hope we have that has allowed me to share this music and this whole recording with people,” Steven says. “Part of the process of doing this is to see God bring beauty out of the ashes and begin to see the comfort in other people that can come from this.”

Maybe you have lost a child or a loved one or know someone who has. If so, the Chapman’s had several books they say helped them through the grieving process (and the ParentLife team added a few possibilities as well).

Have you ever lost someone you loved? What books/resources did you find helpful? What were the most helpful ways people offered you comfort and support?