His Children, Our Children by Jessie Weaver


The longer I am a parent, the more convinced I am that God told us to be fruitful and multiply so we could have a small taste of how He views us.

There’s the baby stage. We’re needy, but altogether loving. I think of all the hours we spend staring at our little ones as they lay on the floor, or toddle around, or clap their hands together. Does it put a big grin on the Heavenly Father’s face to see us in the early stages of knowing Him?

And then comes the terrible twos. And threes.

We are so rebellious it can be funny sometimes. We question everything, absolutely, just to see what the limits are. We are wild in our rebellion and yet needy to the core.

I imagine, somewhere, that it tapers off. (At least I pray that it does. My daughter is still 4, and if her rebellion doesn’t dissipate soon I may have to go to the asylum.) When I consider my Christian walk I think it’s much like growing from a child to an adult: there are some rough patches, some times where I don’t even want to be close to Him. There are times of sweetness. There are times when I fall on my face and wonder what on earth I did to deserve such trials. And there are times when I just am, passing through without wonder but without hurt, either.

I can’t imagine all the lessons I will learn as a parent as my children travel through adolescence. It’s scary, and crazy, but the best visual aid about God I’ve ever been given.

Do you find yourself wondering if God sees you as a toddler sometimes? What things do we do as Christians that are an awful lot like a small child?

Fearful Parenting

I tend to be very laid back about things that come along in life with our kids, but there have been moments in my life as a parent that have caused worry and fear. I remember that feeling being separated from my family on a business trip on September 11, 2001. I was uncertain and fearful about what would happen next. It made me realize that uncertainty for the future can be worse for a parent. The question nags until it develops into fear: Will it happen again?

83_worried-parent.jpgI had a similar experience when my son had two seizures last month. I was fairly cool and collected during those moments, focused on caring for my son. But the feeling afterwards, night after night, sometimes lying in bed right beside him. Will it happen again?

There are so many moments in life that can cause fear. Will my child get the flu that is going around? Will we be able to pay for college? Will he be safe?

It is in those moments that God wants us to place our trust in Him, to give our children to His care. It is easier to say than do for sure! But in God is the only place of perfect peace.

I was so glad to be able to go back and read Rebecca Powell’s article "By Fear of Faith?" in our August issue of ParentLife. When the article was published, I may easily have thought, This article isn’t for me. But how quickly one life event can change everything! Then the process begins of turning those fears over to God.

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Are there times when you are afraid for your children? How have you been able to turn them over to God?