Products We Love, July 2011

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Every month we have a long list of products we want to share with you, but only a few can fit in the printed magazine. That’s why it’s so great we have this online space! Here are a few things we couldn’t squeeze into the July and August issues.


I Wish Daddy Was Here by Katherine DeMille was created from military wife Kat’s desire to let her daughter know it’s OK to be sad about missing a loved one. Highly praised as a great book for kids of deployed parents. will turn your old fatigues into a custom handbag or blanket. What a sweet way to show your devotion to the USA and remember a loved one who is deployed!

On the Danger Rangers Web site, kids can play games and watch videos pertaining to safety. The site also includes parent and educator guides as well as activities and coloring sheets that go along with the episodes.

coolcastcovers.jpgDoes your child have a broken arm or leg for the summer? Bummer. She can at least look cool with a removable, washable fabric cast cover. Check out the styles at Prices for arm covers (Armz!) start at $16.99 and leg covers (Legz!) start at $21.99.noahsarkfornintendods.jpgTap and Teach: The Story of Noah’s Ark : This educational game for Nintendo DS is an interactive retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark. The tap and teach format boosts the reading skills of children ages 3 to 6 as they imagine what it might have been like for Noah to build the ark and find the animals who floated safely on the water with him.