I Love This Lunchbox!

open_lunchbox 2.jpg

When I make lunch for my sons (I did today in fact), I like to include a note in each or their lunchboxes. We have tried buying napkins that you can write on or pre-printed notes that you tear off and place in their lunches. But then I saw this cool lunchbox from Frecklebox.

Not only does it have a cool design with his name on the outside but a chalkboard on the inside lid so that I can write personal messages to him.

thumb-race-car-personalized-lunch-box.jpgFrecklebox has 20 designs of the lunchboxes with the chalkboard inside, so you are guaranteed to find one your child will love!

Frecklebox specializes in personalized gear: folders, books, and now retro lunchboxes. My son now has one of these cool lunchboxes, and we both love it!

Have you found a cool product for your kids to spice up lunchtime at school?