First Day of School

My boys had their first day of school on Monday — Jonathan his first day of 5th grade, and Christopher his first day of Kindergarten. And who was most nervous leading up to the first day? Why their parents of course! Although the boys were nervous Monday morning too. 

First day of school.jpg

We got there early enough to lug the school supplies in to school and all went straight to Christopher’s classroom. I don’t think there are many things in parenting like the first day of kindergarten. So exciting! We hugged Mrs. Nickels and went about the work of separating all our school supplies into the classroom supply bins. These bins were spread out all over the classroom, so as we walked across the room to put the crayons away, it was a great way to get acquainted to the classroom.

After a family photo, we spoke to a few of the parents, and Christopher was already hard at work putting together Legos® with some friends when it was time for us to leave. No worries about an anxious good-bye — he barely looked up as we kissed his cotton-top good-bye!

And Jonathan? He was an old pro at this. He walked into his classroom, found his locker, and immediately sat down at his desk to start the "Who Am I?" worksheet the teacher had provided. And perhaps for the last time on the first day of school (mind you, he is an 11-year-old preteen), he didn’t even act embarrassed when I kissed his cotton-top good-bye!

How was your first day of school? Tell us about it!