Snowflake Adoption: Jon and Jodi by Bill Conger

This past Sunday was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. One of the many ways that Christians can honor God’s gift of life is through adoption. Our January 2011 feature "Choosing Life" by Bill Conger celebrates three families who chose life by choosing adoption.

Another very special form of adoption is embryo adoption … also known as snowflake adoption. Jon and Jodi have a powerful testimony about embryo adoption to share! Enjoy their amazing story!

Jon and Jodi

For six long years, Jodi longed to be pregnant, but that didn’t seem to be part of God’s plan for her and her husband, Jon. The Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, couple quickly nixed the in vitro fertilization (IVF) option for moral and ethical reasons so they pursued domestic adoption.

"I kept wondering why would God give me such a deep desire to become pregnant that wouldn’t go away if there wasn’t going to be a pregnancy," Jodi recalls. "There’s got to be a reason for that."
They eventually chose to adopt embryos.

"In embryo adoption, you’re providing a solution for the extra embryos created though IVF. You’re giving children life that wouldn’t otherwise reach birth."

Just like a traditional adoption, the Jon and Jodi filled out reams of paperwork and were properly screened to make sure they were a suitable adoptive family. The doctor prepped Jodi’s body through a series of hormone shots before transfering three embryos.

"Our prayer the whole time was that God would protect each embryo through the process," Jon said. "We didn’t go into this with anything but the belief that life begins at conception. These embryos deserve every chance at life possible, and we shouldn’t do anything that would put their lives at risk. We felt that was totally God’s business and not ours."

At the ultrasound appointment, the future mom and dad discovered a triple blessing. "When they showed us one, we were just thrilled to death, and then they showed us two and we were just overwhelmed with joy," Jon said. "And then they showed us three, and we just burst out laughing. We were laughing so hard that the stenographer had a hard time finishing her work."

Jon_rodda_kids.jpgAaron Isaac, Ginger Ann, and Sarah Rose were born February 2, 2008 at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Although they were two months premature, they were strong and healthy for preemies.

Through years of struggling with infertility, Jodi couldn’t imagine what could be better than just getting pregnant. Yet she and Jon learned to trust that God’s ways are better even when we don’t understand. They now celebrate the privilege and blessing of giving three children the opportunity to live.

What are some ways your family has celebrated the sanctity of human life this month?