Back to School — Healthy

Our staff came across the following information from Dr. Stuart Fischer about how to eat healthy as a family during the back-to-school season, especially when a parent is struggling with weight issues. 

school-luncha.jpgTell the Truth

Be a great role model and tell the truth. Sit the family down for a heart-to-heart talk where the overweight parent should freely admit to the child that they are not a healthy weight and that some of their food choices have not been ideal. The parent should offer hope on how they will make healthy changes together – letting the children see how their lives can improve as a result.
Discover Your Personal Myths
The biggest issue in the weight-loss process for the parents is addressing “personal myths” – the excuses that people give themselves to rationalize their behavior. Once the parent recognizes these are excuses, they can move on to make the right choices for their family.
Make a Plan
The next step is to make a plan, keeping in mind that losing weight is actually quite simple. Work off more calories than you eat. Set a realistic weight-loss goal (no more than 2 pounds per week). Make a plan on how to incorporate more exercise in everyone’s day-to-day routine. Exercising two to three times a week is ideal at the beginning.
Cook and Shop Together

As a family, figure out what and how much you want to eat per day for your first week, then crunch the numbers and come up with a menu. There are tons of great healthy recipes online. Go shopping with your child and explain what foods are healthy. Teach kids to avoid “empty calories,” high-calorie foods with little to no nutritional content such as soda, sugary desserts, fast food, or potato chips.
Act on Other Issues
Everyone overeats for different reasons. Identify some of the issues causing them to eat, and then take mini-steps to change their behavior.
Reward, Reward, Reward
As the weight starts to come off, reward yourself in ways OTHER than food. It could be a new lip gloss, haircut, tickets for a game or play, outfit, purse, backpack, etc. Reward frequently but not lightly. A great time for a smaller reward would be after two weeks if everyone has been sticking to the plan and are on track for their weight-loss goals.
This is a great time to focus on good health for your sake and that of your child.  A new study shows that overweight and obese students are performing worse in school than their physically fit counterparts, jeopardizing their professional future as well as their health. For more information on Dr. Fischer and the celebrity consultants, please go to