Saving Your Little Girl From Cinderella by Leigh Rollar Bethel

May11_princess.jpgAfter reading this title, you may wonder Why would I have to save my little girl from a fairy tale heroine? This article does not deal with the actual Cinderella but the image her character portrays. Little girls want to be just like these fairy-tale characters. Be aware of what today’s culture can subtly instill in the heart of your little one.

Fairy Tales vs. Reality

The image portrayed in many fairy tales is often unrealistic. Little girls can be set up to believe that they too can have their own Cinderella story — looking just the way she does and believing a perfect prince will come give them their happily ever after. From fairy tales to unrealistically proportioned dolls to teen stars who lack modesty to images of perfect models in media, kids are bombarded with the unrealistic messages of what beauty is. Young girls are struggling with eating disorders and depression while trying to keep up with what the culture believes a beautiful girl should look like.

Laying a Foundation

Raise your daughter to know her true value. Clearly share with her the pressure the culture will put on her and how she can resist it by knowing what true beauty is and where it comes from. Instill in her that she is “remarkably and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) by God. Truly knowing that will bring contentment. Tell your daughter she is beautiful, but also tell her she is kind, sweet, precious, worthy, loving, and made perfectly by her Heavenly Father.

Let your daughter watch the movies and read the books, but take the time to talk to her about them in an age-approporiate way. Explain that an endless pursuit to attain what the world thinks women should look like will only bring disappointment. Teach your daughter to be presentable, modest, and kind, but most of all, teach her what a significant, beautiful little girl in Christ she truly is.

Find True Beauty
Jesus loves you so much He died on the cross for you so that you can be free to be loved unconditionally. If you would like to trust Jesus, pray this prayer.
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Leigh Rollar Bethel is a professional organizer and author of Kid’s Stuff and What to Do With It.

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