Our Big Apple Adventure


Last week was an adventure for our family … literally! My 2-year-old … make that 3-year-old (he turned 3 last Monday and I’m still having a hard time making the switch) had the privilege of partcipating in the Big Apple Adventure at our church. It was an exhausting week but a GREAT one!

This is Jack’s third year of VBS but it’s the first year he’s made it the entire week. Being at church for 4.5 hours (or more) for five days in a row is exhausting for a baby or toddler. Who am I kidding? It’s exhausting for the adults too!! The past two years, Jack has ended up at his grandma’s house for at least one or two days of the week in an effort to recover. But this year, he was there every day and he was thrilled to be there!

I’m so thankful for all of the hard work, time, energy, and love that VBS workers pour into the kids every year … even the babies and toddlers. Jack had such a great time and made some amazing memories. I know VBS plays a large part in helping establish a strong foundation for spiritual development. I’m praying that each year Jack will look forward to this special week and truly enjoy learning more about God and Jesus.

So sing it with me now … "Bi-bi-bi, Bi-bi-bi, Big Apple Adventure." I think we’ll be singing the theme song for months to come! Jack loves it!


Have you seen the theme for VBS 2012? If not, check it out at www.lifeway.com! I can tell you right now, Jack is going to love it! It’s going to be "amazing"!!

Tell us about your VBS experience this summer … or about your favorite VBS memory as a child! We’d love to hear from you!