Just Add Water!

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By Nancy Cornwell

Did you know July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded? August days tend to be hot and long, too — but a little bit of H2O can make your days cooler and more fun. Here are four ways to beat the heat by adding a little water to your day!

Old School Fun

Break out the sprinklers! My kids always love it when I just let the sprinklers run. They race back and forth across the lawn, giggling as the cold spray hits them. And, to be honest, Dad loves that the yard gets a little extra water too.

Willing to put in a little extra effort for classic fun? Set up a slip-and-slide and watch the fun ensue! When the kids are finally ready to call it a day, pass out some ice pops for them to enjoy while they cool down.

Car Wash Mania

I don’t know about your kids, but mine always complain when it’s time for chores. Make today’s chore to wash the cars! What’s more fun than a bucket full of soapy water? Just make sure to maintain control of the water hose or you are likely to be wet by the end of the day too!

And when the car washing chores are complete, pass around the sidewalk chalk and let the kids decorate the driveway. The wet driveway will make the chalk colors more vibrant and allow for the opportunity to make some beautiful art!

Buckets of Fun

Does your little one need something a little more contained? Set up a bucket, plastic tub, or even a sink full of water. Throw in a few small toys, a cup, a strainer, and some bubbles. I’m always surprised at how long a simple bucket of water can keep my kiddos entertained!

For another fun twist, include some play dishes and encourage your little one to wash them! This fun game now will encourage them to help with the real dishes when they get older.

Water Education

Allow your children to use water guns or paintbrushes to practice their letters, spell out words, solve math problems, and practice their art skills! Not only will they be keeping their brains sharp for school, they will be working on their fine motor skills as well. Who knew schoolwork could be so fun?

Consider other ways you can turn water play into educational activities. Use measuring cups to compare amounts of water. Discuss the difference in water and ice. Add food dye to cups of water and allow your kids to experiment with creating new colors.

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat?

Nancy Cornwell is an editor and writer who lives outside Nashville, Tenn., with her husband, Chris, and their three kids.

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