Spring Family Fun Checklist

By Vanessa Dolberry

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and have fun with the family! Here’s a checklist of ideas for simple springtime fun!

• Smell a flower

• Play in the rain

• Find a cloud shaped like an animal

• Take a walk

• Chase a rabbit

• Go to the park

• Wear flip-flops

• Listen to a singing bird

• Ride a bike

• Play in a creek

• Spot a squirrel

• Blow bubbles

• Picnic in the backyard

• Roll down a hill

• Plant flower seeds

• Climb a tree

• Go for a hike

Open the windows for a cool breeze

• Spot a squirrel

• Read a book outdoors

• Pick wildflowers

• Pick berries

• Make mud pies

• Jump rope

• Run through the grass

• Visit your local farmers’ market

• Create sidewalk chalk masterpieces

• Fly a kite

• Make a colorful fruit salad

• Thank God for the creating spring!

How many can your family check off the list? What would you add?

Vanessa Dolberry lives outside Nashville, Tenn., with her husband and three kids.

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