Bold Middle School Faith {Bible GIVEAWAY}

Bold Middle School Faith
photo credit: Lauren Macdonald via Flickr Creative Commons

Tweens feel like they are in a constant state of change. And they’re right. With all of the adjustments they go through physically, mentally, and emotionally, nearly every aspect of their lives is changing! If you know anything about middle school, you know it can be a pretty tumultuous time. Sometimes friends embarrass each other on purpose because they think it’s funny. Gossip and B.O. abound. Blending in is a survival tactic. First crushes develop. Things get plain awkward, scary, and upended at this age. Most who survived middle school would never willingly return.

Could you imagine if you knew then what you know now—about the Bible, God, faith, and prayer?

You may have heard about God’s unconditional love and His faithfulness back then, but the longer we walk with God, the stronger our faith becomes. Chances are, you’ve learned to depend on God much more as you’ve seen His faithfulness and consistency play out in your life. Most likely you’ve learned to extend grace to others more freely as you’ve experienced God’s mercy and unconditional love firsthand.

Imagine if your middle-schooler’s faith was resilient and flourishing at this young age!

What would happen if your middle schooler prayed more faithfully? worried less? trusted God more? navigated friendships and hurtful or humiliating situations with more grace, care, and understanding? What if your middle schooler had bold faith?

Each one of us is on our own journey. Our particular paths may look different, but as Christians we are all seeking to follow Jesus every day of our lives. We are continually gaining new perspective on life and faith and seeing more clearly our purpose here on earth. To walk with God is to be in a constant state of change, not unlike middle school. The minute we become stagnant in our relationship with God, our growth suffers.

How can we help tweens fully embrace their faith in God and live boldly?

The Bible is God’s love letter to us. Every word in it was written just for us. God speaks to us through the inspired words on the pages of Scripture, and the more time we devote to reading God’s Word—the Bible—the stronger our foundation will be.

One of the most significant influences in your child’s faith is you. What are they learning about God by observing your actions, your words, and your prayers? Do they see you reading your Bible? praying? depending on God in tough times? modeling bold faith?

Practical ways to encourage middle schoolers to be bold and courageous in their faith:

  • Model it for them!
  • Pray and ask God for wisdom and insight into how you can encourage and deepen your child’s faith.
  • Seize the big and small opportunities to encourage your child’s relationship with God each day.
  • Reflect on ways you can help them notice and discover God working in their lives.
  • Talk about what they have read in their Bible, then explore how God might be speaking to them each day through their Bible reading.
  • Discuss ways to apply the Bible to their own life in specific situations they are going through currently.
  • Talk about what God is doing in your life. Share ways that you personally are depending on God, or ways that your family is.

As we teach middle schoolers to always trust God—even when things get hard at school, with friends, or at home—they can develop a faith that withstands the trials. God loves them as much as we do—and way more! God speaks to them through his Word, and he speaks directly to their hearts.

Faith becomes real for kids when it connects with their world, and the New Living Translation is great for tweens because it is so easy for them to understand. The language isn’t archaic or difficult, which can cause barriers to understanding and application. Instead, they can glean more from reading their Bibles with confidence. When tweens read the Bible and understand what it says, God can work in their hearts!

Girls SlimlineGuys Slimline

The Girls and Guys Slimline Bible covers were designed just for tweens! In fact, they were chosen by a focus group of tween students! The Bibles also include a dictionary/concordance to help tweens look up key words and find passages on subjects they are interested in, full-color maps, a matching ribbon marker, and a presentation page. The extra-special Girls Slimline Bible has a BOLD FAITH theme on the back cover and endsheets, and the cover is made of soft, bright neon material with a glittery silver lining around the edges! The Guys and Girls Slimline Bibles make great gifts for the tweens in your life! Be encouraged as you begin (or continue!) the exciting and joy-filled blessing of walking alongside your tween on their faith journey through middle school and beyond.

Want to win a copy of one of these Bibles for a tween in your life? Let us know in the comments whom you would give it to and whether you’d want the Girls or Guys version! We will choose a winner from the comments on November 15.

Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners: Debbie, Angela Barnes, Ken Ohl, Marianne Sandling, and Charles-Linda Bradshaw.


  1. This bible would be wonderful for my 11 year old nephew, Sam. (He’d definitely want the guys version! )

  2. Jennifer Young says

    My kids are not quite at this age yet, so I would give it to one of our lovely tween girls at church. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  3. My nephew is 11, and this would make a great addition to his Christmas presents!

  4. Joyce McGregor says

    One of my beautiful granddaughters.

  5. Angela Barner says

    I would give it to my step grand daughter. She is in 5th grade. It would make a great Christmas gift for her.

  6. Jennifer Francis says

    This would be great for my daughter. She recently gave her life to the Lord and we have been looking for the next step up Bible for her.

  7. Ashley Schein says

    This would be great for my little cousin. She would love the girl version

  8. kelly woods says

    I would love to bless my niece with this for her birthday… Thanks for the chance!!! Be blessed!!!

  9. I’d give it to my daughter.

  10. Breanna Pollard says

    I would love a girl’s version to give it to my friend!

  11. I would love the girl’s Bible for a friend’s daughter please. Happy Weekend and Happy Thanksgiving! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  12. Either bible would be a blessing for our family as I have three tweens ages 8, 9 and 10. I would most likely select the bible for girls as my daughter recently mentioned she would like a bible for “bigger kids”.

  13. I have a girl that would love this!

  14. the girl version for our daughter.We finally found a new church after our beloved church closed…this would be perfect for her to take to their middle school service.

  15. Amanda Morris says

    I would give this to my niece

  16. I would give it to my 11year old grandson. He has started to take a real interest in church and the bible. I think this bible would encourage him to really read and understand the bible. This would be such a blessing.

  17. I would give this to my son so I would need the Guy’s Bible.

  18. love to get the girls version for my niece

  19. My son and I have both recently accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior. My son has some behavioral & emotional challenges. While I’ve come to realize it’s all a trick of the enemy, I’m having a hard time getting him past his feelings.
    I would LOVE to present him with his own, new bible, specifically for him.
    He already gets teased & bullied because of his size (he has a tumor in his foot, so he’s never been athletic, and now he’s a stress eater) and he’s SO worried he’ll be teased for going to church.
    I KNOW that God has a plan for him. I just wish he could see it’s coming.
    Thank you & God Bless.

  20. I would give it to my daughter for christmas.
    Girls version for sure!

  21. I would give it to my daughters Jacqueline and Caraline to share. Love the girls version.

  22. Aubree Brown says

    I would love the girl one for my niece Emma:)

  23. Charles-Linda Bradshaw says

    I would like to have the girl’s version. I would give it to my granddaughter.

  24. I would love the girl one to give my daughter. Thanks!

  25. I would love to gift one to my son!

  26. Danielle Priser says

    I’d love the girl’s version for my teen daughter- she’s worn her Bible out so much it’s losing pages!

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