When Your Kid Is THAT Kid

When your kid is THAT kid

For most people, it seems like it’s the second child who is THAT kid. The wild one, the one for whom you have to create the rules, the one who is causing you to run wildly all over the place while your friends sit and sip coffee and their obedient children give you the side-eye.

For me, it wasn’t. My second child was an awful baby. He was lactose intolerant, wanted to be held nonstop, and didn’t sleep through the night until he was 15 months. But then he became the easiest toddler in the world. At 4 1/2, he is still quiet, focused, brilliant, and altogether pretty easy to parent.

But then we had a third.

And my Joshua is THAT kid.

See above: while waiting for his brother and sister to be done at the dentist’s office, Joshua grabbed a Sesame Street book and climbed into a stranger’s lap and insisted said stranger read him the book. (Note: the stranger obliged, for which I am very grateful.)

When your kid is THAT kid

I’m pretty sure Joshua exited the womb with a sneaky grin on his face. He has always been giggly and finds everything hilarious. At 2, he makes silly voices and tries to trick Mommy and Daddy by hiding behind doors.

It’s not all fun and games, of course. He also runs away in parking lots, refuses to obey any and all rules, swings from stair rails, and I live in fear that he will break all his bones or bust his head open on a daily basis.

So what do you do when your kid is THAT kid? When people give you funny looks because you’re nonchalantly watching at your child runs laps in a public place or dives from chairs onto your lap 36 times or is singing loudly at the grocery store?

You take deep breaths. You try to keep him safe while letting him have free reign and make his own mistakes. You remember that he belongs to God and not to you.

blue tongue toddler

You make peace with the fact that most parents see the inside of the ER with their child. You figure out what is a big deal and what is not. And you pray. And pray and pray and PRAY.

Most of all, you try not to worry about what other people think. It’s what God thinks that matters. So others may think I need to discipline more/less, structure more/less, school him, unschool him, go back to work, work less … but I have to keep my mind on what God has for him and our family.

I pray that one day my sweet Joshua will aim that joy to rejoicing in Jesus.

smiling toddler



  1. WOW!!! I admire your faith and constant pray to God instead of worrying yourself sick and going nutty!
    I have been told I am a weirdo because I choose to “procreate” and make these WILD girls so figure out a way to deal and quite whining…NICE EH?? …so yeah..I need to continue the habit of constant prayers over my 3 VERY strong willed girls. I have been having a pity party last couple of months over this very roller coaster life I am IN….and I don’t care for roller coasters. I try to remind myself that God sees me and maybe these are tests of faith and patience or something else I am lacking.
    I don’t mind telling you Jess, I am FAILING big time…So you ARE an encouragement to me and I am sure others to keep moving forward and praying.

  2. Thats my Zeke. For awhile, i feared it was me that was lending to Zeke’s crazy behavior and defiance. I guess its been in the last six months that I have realized its just him. We have joked that if he had been the first, he would have been an only child. Haha. He is the definition of the word FIERCE. Everything he does is full throttle. I am learning to enjoy him more but he sure pushes me to the limits. If we got Zeke and Joshua together, pretty sure they would figure out how to burn the place down. Haha.

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