Biblically Based Kids’ Music That Parents Can Stand

Hearing my kids sing song after song from what they’ve heard has been enlightening. It makes me even more sure I want to present them with healthy, biblical messages all the time – and that definitely includes their music, which they hear and repeat all the time. Let’s face it, though – some kids’ music is enough to make you want to drill a hole in your head.

Here are some albums that I love and are totally tolerant for this on-the-go mom.


The Rizers Rise Up! – The Rizers – Has songs based on Scripture and includes the Scripture references in the songs. Fun, rock beats.

Jesus Music Box – Yancy – We reviewed it here.

Seeds Family Worship albums – These all have themed songs that are fun to listen to and teach Truth.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vols. 1 and 2 – Steve Green – These oldies but goodies teach simple tunes to Scripture verses. I still remember most of them from singing them in children’s choir!


Do you have any great music your kids AND you love to share?


  1. Songs for Saplings – six volumes

    Great songs for children to learn

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