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Bestselling author and mom Sarah Arthur knows that bringing a baby home from the hospital can be daunting. She also knows that moms experience a myriad of emotions and can feel overwhelmed in this exciting new chapter. Sarah Arthur wants to remind new moms—in the midst of crazy emotions and busyness—of God’s awesomeness. In the drowsy confusion and excitement of new motherhood, moms will be reassured that God is in control, his timing is perfect, and he is near—even in the chaos.



Sarah Arthur, a new mom herself, confesses, “If you’re anything like me, you’re craving Mommy Time. Time to yourself, time to breathe, time to actually finish a meal.” In writing Mommy Time, Arthur endeavors to help new moms recharge their spiritual batteries in this marvelous yet exhausting new chapter. This book is the perfect gift for any new mom and will serve as a great companion in her scant amount of free time, offering true refreshment in God’s Word. Arthur’s goal is “cultivating awareness of God’s presence in the small things, in the daily tasks of caring for infants.” In each of the ninety devotions, moms will feel centered in God’s Word and closer to the heart of Jesus. Arthur encourages her readers to “ditch the spiritual guilt. Take a breath. God is here, as close as your baby’s heartbeat.” Even when life feels a bit out of control, with the addition of a wonderful new bundle of joy, Mommy Time will encourage and remind new moms that God is awesome and still in control.

About the Author . . . Sarah Arthur is a fun-loving speaker and the award-winning author of seven books, including the bestselling Walking with Frodo: A Devotional Journey through the Lord of the Rings. A graduate of Wheaton College (BA in English and Christian Education) and of Duke University Divinity School (Masters in Theological Studies), Arthur served in full-time youth ministry for seven years before launching her writing and speaking career. She and her pastor-husband, Tom, live in southern Michigan with their young son, Micah John, who can say mama and dad but is still working on Christological.


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  1. meghan n says:

    Lots of diapers!

  2. I’m an old Mom. My daughter just had her first baby, (7 weeks old). She’s alone 5 days a week, while her husband works out of town. I’d love to have this book for her.

  3. Vicky D says:

    I think my daughter in law needs sleep!

  4. I so want to read this! My son is only 10 months old and so far being a Mommy has proved to be the most sanctifying event of my life.

  5. Samantha Keadle says:

    I need my quiet time. With three little ones under the age of 5, it has become a necessity. But I don’t always get to have a nice, long quiet time.

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