20 Surprises by Mary DeMuth

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source: Sean Dreilinger

You never know what your kids might find interest in doing. Here are 20 surprising things they might try – and be great at!

  1. Painting. Try a local painting studio. Many have popped up in recent years.
  2. Fencing. Epee, anyone? 
  3. Cooking. Many school districts offer chef classes now.
  4. Triathlons.
  5. Musical instruments. Most school districts offer free instruction via band programs.
  6. Writing. Here’s a link to the National Novel Writers Month for youth.
  7. Architecture. Here’s a software program just for kids.
  8. Anatomy. Here’s a journey into the human body.
  9. Geography. Have kids aim for the National Geography Bee
  10. Lacrosse is a sport that’s booming in recent years.
  11. Fashion design. Try out this free site
  12. Gardening. Here’s a listing of resources
  13. Knitting. Here’s a how-to.
  14. Video production. Your child can make money at this hobby!
  15. Ballroom dancing. There are always community classes for this.
  16. Coaching. Have your child volunteer under a good coach.
  17. Frisbee golf. An affordable and fun sport.
  18. Photography. Local community colleges offer classes, and with today’s digital SLRs, learning is a snap.
  19. Graphic design. Kids might show affinity toward making t-shirts, designing web banners, creating logos.
  20. Social justice. Contact your church for local ministries that feed the homeless.

Do your kids have any unique hobbies?

Mary DeMuth is a storyteller, author, mother, wife, and sometimes tri-athlete. 

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