A Twist on Tummy Time by Brian Dembowczyk

Tummy time
source: dryfish

Tummy time helps your baby develop muscles that help with rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. Always put your baby to sleep on her back, but she can enjoy tummy time during the day.

For a new twist on tummy time …

  1. Use a bolster or rolled up towel to prop up your baby.
  2. Dim the lights and lie down next to your baby.
  3. Shine a flashlight on the wall.
  4. Draw your baby’s attention so she can focus on the beam of light.
  5. Move the light side to side very slowly.

Did your babies enjoy tummy time? 


  1. We LOVE tummy time and promote it in our infant wellness classes. Sadly, many infants do not like tummy time and something that works for one baby may not work for another. As we know, all of us are unique and possess different strengths and challenges. Understanding the basics of movement and biomechanics allows parents to make the necessary adjustments or modifications so tummy time can be happy time. Play is an essential ingredient, with the flashlight idea a great one. Especially in the first several months, baby’s favorite toy is YOU, so it is important to lay down on the floor next to them at their level so they can enjoy seeing and interacting with parent, caregiver, and/or sibling. Many parents in our classes are hesitant to get all the way down on floor, but this can make all the difference with baby’s happiness in this all-important position.

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