Keep It Going: Service After Christmas by Tobin Perry

Hands of Love
source: jeffsmallwood

Service shouldn’t just be one month of your family’s year. Make it a lifestyle. Here are few tips to help you “keep your serve on” all year long.

  • Put it on your calendar. Whether it’s an established ministry you’ll be helping or a something informal you’ll do as a family, put it on your calendar—weekly, monthly, or whatever you can do.
  • Tap into your family’s interests. Your family will keep doing what they enjoy doing. Make what you’re doing a family decision.
  • Get involved in ongoing missions education. Southern Baptist missions education resources are designed to help your family become missions-minded believers. Servanthood is a big part of that. Visit or for more information.
  • Debrief each service experience. Being intentional about discussing what your family did will help keep everyone on the same page. Sometimes children and adults see the same project very differently.

Tobin Perry serves as the online editor for On Mission magazine at the North American Mission Board in Alpharetta, Ga.

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