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Today you have a chance to win a copy of either Your Girl: Raising a Godly Daughter in an Ungodly World or Your Boy: Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World by Vicki Courtney. (Feel free to enter both giveaways, but you can only win one of them!)

If you are the mother of a daughter eighteen years old or younger, especially one in the tween or teen years, you know that you are in a war for her mind, body, and soul. Best-selling author Vicki Courtney’s Your Girl addresses the times in which our daughters live, the high calling of motherhood, and the necessity to enter the battle to counteract negative influences of the culture.

“Father God, help us to raise this generation of girls to be Yours, and Yours alone,” Vicki writes. She encourages moms to rely on God’s Word while passing down key godly attributes including worth, modest, and purity. Your Girl also helps mothers teach their daughters to stand for truth, protect their hearts, and navigate the uncertain currents of girl politics.

If you are the mother of a son eighteen years old or younger, especially one in the tween or teen years, then you know that you are in a war for his mind, body, and soul. From his very first step to his first big steps into manhood, the things of this world relentlessly compete for his attention.

Best-selling author Vicki Courtney’s Your Boy keenly observes the complex culture young men face today and shows what mothers can do in spite of negative worldly influences to raise godly sons. “As mothers we have a brief time to make a godly impact on our sons; to grow the next generation of godly men. It is perhaps the highest calling God can give a woman,” Vicki writes. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails; we know what little boys are made of. Now find out what it takes to make a man.

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  1. I have three children. Oldest is a boy and the younger ones are girls. My oldest girl is only two and I’m already seeing so major differences in their reactions, emotions, responses., etc. I would say my biggest challenge with her now is just getting her to handle her emotions when she’s frustrated. I know she’s still trying to understand them herself and it’s okay to not even know sometimes but I could definitely need some help! thanks!

  2. My oldest is four and we are already dealing with “bad guys” and the curiosity of it. I’m thankful he is homeschooled but what a tough issue at the age of 5 (already!). I know there will be many issues in the future but how exciting to get some help from Vicky Courtney! 🙂

  3. I have an 8 year old boy. I want to be prepared for the things that are coming that he’ll face as he continues to get older….both physically and the pressures from the outside.

  4. We’ve already started praying for our boys and they’re very small. One big concern is purity. For example, a few years ago the Victoria’s Secret at an area mall decided to make their storefronts look like the red light district. The displays were on either side of the hallway near the escalator for the children’s area. People don’t get it.

  5. The biggest I am facing right now with our 5 yr old son is lying :/ and how it makes peole lose trust in you.

  6. What’s been toughest for me is helping her through the mean girl phase, which just started for us this past school year. I’m prioud of how she is handling it, but I know that she could use help with good boundary setting, even at this young age!

  7. Angela Atkins says:

    I have three daughters ranging in ages from 7-16! The world puts so much pressure on young girls to look a certain way and behave a certain way, we are trying to set high standards for our girls and pray daily that they seek personal relationships with Christ! One of our biggest concerns is teaching our girls to guard their hearts in relationships!

  8. With my son, the toughest thing we’re facing right now is helping him become a man without a male figure in the home. We have many Godly men in his life who adore him and care for him, yet there’s something to be said for a constant presence.

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